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The Easter we celebrate today is different and certainly more subdued. From the horrors of terrorism to the big uncertainties of the increasingly impoverished populations, from jobless young people to the multitudes of people who are marginalized because of numerous social injustices, the Passover of the risen Jesus appears as a torch of hope burning in the darkness and in the greatest chaos. Jesus knocks at our hearts, reminding to those Christians whose faith is drowsy that the “transition” from darkness to light, from death to life, from slavery to freedom is an event that can be realized in everyday life.

Sin and darkness do not have the last word because the Risen Christ comes into our homes and makes man understand that he is not alone on this earth: he has a future, deep roots, he is not here by chance, but is the temple and communion with God-Love. The peace promised by the Messiah is for whoever has the courage to enter himself and find out his inner self is not an empty tomb. Easter is awakening from the many manifestations of torpor and from the indifference that can turn us insensitive and inhuman. Man can learn to accept other people, immerging himself in the symphony of life and understanding his place in history and the project designed for him since his conception.

Our hope is that today’s families are really together to reconcile and forget the mistakes of the past so as to start all over again. With the spirit of Jesus, it is possible. The Easter message is experienced by millions of people who are committed to witness the Gospel with fidelity and joy, without ever stepping back, but accompanying their neighbor towards a better existence. Jesus’ betrayal, torture, crucifixion, and death show that there is no rebirth without sacrifice nor change without renouncing one’s selfishness.

The message of the intense Stations of the Cross at the Coliseum, which was presided over by Pope Francis on Friday, highlighted the good side of humanity, but also the atrocities that upset the world. “Cross of the Christ – the Pope said -, we still see you today in doctors of letters instead of the doctors of the spirit, of death instead of life, which instead of teaching mercy and life, threaten punishment and death and condemn what is right. Cross of the Christ, today we still see you standing in our sisters and our brothers who are killed, burned alive, slaughtered and beheaded with barbaric swords and cowardly silence. Cross of the Christ, we still see you today in the fundamentalism and terrorism of the followers of any religion who profane the name of God and use it to justify their unspeakable violence.”

The tragic events in Brussels suggest that we are only at the beginning of a season in which they will try to turn religions against each other, to split humanity and transform into its own enemy. It is true that the persecution of Christians is on the rise in many regions of the world and it reveals the political problem of a system unable to promote diversity, whose only goal is using everything to achieve partisan interests. There is a devilish mechanism behind these terrible disasters, where the innocent are always the ones to pay.

The usual late of the politicians or their appearance on the media is no longer enough. We must continue the fight against those who promote terror even ideologically. Any language that adopts violence will never help to reconcile peoples. Our reaction to the jihad will not be fomenting revenge: the only “weapon” to be used is that of incessant dialogue and desire for peace. Christians play a key role in the common good, but they risk to be deceived for thirty pieces of silver, abandoning their principles and delivering their own children to destruction. The commitment of all of us to transforming this culture of death into new life, which will be capable of renewing the face of the earth, has to be relentless. Happy Easter everyone.

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