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IN TERRIS is an editorial offer that was born aiming to give its readers a link between common people and big changes in today’s society. It is high time for a new cultural instrument, which may go beyond giving news, and may become a spark to build a future with different priorities in society; an instrument that puts these priorities under everybody’s eyes in order to make it impossible to ignore. We need reader who believe in this change, who are not satisfied with today’s information, which is often copied and has no value.
We want to share stories from all around the world to help readers reflect and open the eyes of young people, who are going to be tomorrow’s leaders. In order to do this we need your support, to pursue a difficult path, disconnected from every political game and economic constrictions.

IN TERRIS is a free and independent choice that walks on its own legs, this is why we need supporters who believe in this project. If you would like to help us, you can donate whatever you like.

Why INTERRIS? Because we want to:
• educate new generations and give them knowledge through humanitarian education and desire for correct information that may start good debates;
• tell events that are often hidden;
• transform the journal in the “eye of the soul” of readers, in order to give them stories of people and lost places;
• widen the horizon of human knowledge through comprehension of science and discovery of what is invisible;
• give hope, based on principles and values that are the very foundation of every human relation and that value our roots;
• be an alternative to trash propaganda

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