The reason I was born think is well described in our first editorial published on September 8, 2014. We are a group of people very different from each other. Professional journalists and publicists, young people who want to enter into this arduous mission and characters, more or less known; professionals from academia and simple people, who despite having histories, cultures and backgrounds have chosen to join together to communicate and create debate through a newspaper generalist.

You will find different ideas and different as you will collaborate signatures distant and contrasting. But if InTerris should speak with one voice, with no differences, then it would be sadly identical is due to the many daily or party “under master”!

Here we welcome the thought of anyone who wants to inform and train with serious and deep reasoning, presenting their opinion in respect of that education is often lacking. The insults, the mud-slinging, slander, desecrate and distort the reality we leave it to others …

A InTerris interested in reporting the news as objectively as possible also promoting those Christian values ​​that the world needs and we believe in, even with open minds.

In Terris:
– Not a newspaper politicized although tackles the issues of policy
– Not an everyday ecclesial (although the Site Manager is a priest) but is the great themes of religions.
– Not a newspaper of some lobby despite dealing with economics and labor.

InTerris lives of sponsors, advertising and providence of its readers.

Director: Aldo Buonaiuto

Editorial Director: Angelo Perfetti
Responsible for data processing: Perfect Angel

Scientific Committee

Secretary General
Philip Paradise

Francesco Coccopalmerio
Giovanni D’Ercole
David Sassoli
Matthew Piantedosi
Raffaele Bonanni
Paolo Maria Floris
Roberto De Tilla
Angelo Galeati
Italo D’Angelo
Giuseppe Ferrari
Angelo Raffaele Marmo

Publisher: In Terris SRLs
Via San Nicola da Tolentino, 50 – 00187 Rome
tel. +39 333.4801503