The virus of ignorance

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It may seem to be a paradox and yet the complex and sophisticated world of communication, that dominates our epoch, shows its profound crisis. The intrusiveness of the social media caused the decline of the traditional media starting with the printed press that suffered a drastic reduction both of the number of its readers and of the quality level of the news. The financial crisis, contributory cause and result of the current cultural degradation, has marked and delivered the information to an unprecedent decline of ethical and moral values.

With the undisputed dominion of the net, the quality of the media significantly lowered, pushing all the analysts towards an increasingly mediocre conformism. The web in fact also shows the profound limits of many users often aimed to forms of banality and superficiality and to bewildering human degradation. Macabre and horror, the exaltation of violence and the illusion of perversions, the maniacal interest in knowing the private life of other people as well as the total indifference or inhumanity towards those who are weaker, are some of the features of the new idolaters of the media.

From cinema to cartoons, from web to video games, from the press to TV, everything just contributes to spread in an obsessive manner hatred and revenge, slander and pleasure in seeing the other defeated… everyone must in some way become “stronger” by subjugating his neighbour in order to be able to elevate its solitary flag. As a matter of fact, a great sadness surrounds this desperate humankind that needs to shock and hit, to attack and condemn someone in order to feel alive and satisfied.

The level of social regression achieved is such as to have contaminated even the forges of high culture, the one belonging to the academies and to the scientific world that have always been not easily permeable. We can often see students consoling their demotivated and depressed teachers: unfortunately, the actual level of that construction of humanity depends on political and financial lobbies. Thus, people on their forties today not only ignore history, anthropology, ethics but they struggle to properly develop their thoughts and to not make mistakes even the spelling. A distressing scenario because among these people there are teachers, lawyers, doctors and other professionals that we cannot imagine how they will manage to educate the new generations.

Also within the religious environments the situation is not really better. The virus of ignorance also entered there where love for knowledge and wisdom was the pride of entire generations of fathers. When I meet young religious incompetent, I get sad and I am also worried for this our catholic church that seems to be slipping into that practical relativism so well described by Pope Francis in Laudato si. Yet we cannot renounce to give hope and to be witnesses of the faith because the sons of our humankind will hold us responsible of what we are leaving to them. How can we justify this waste and betrayal of history and memory, of culture and of our own roots, of tradition and of our achievements, of the values and of the martyrs who gave themselves for the right causes?

An empty sack, disfigured and plundered: this is how this world so superficial and blinded by poor personalism is likely to be. We all have the duty to rise again from this devilish stagnation and shake off, rolling our sleeves up in order to drastically invert this drift; each one of us must be finally active part in contributing to the construction of the common good of which we completely lost the sense and the meaning. This is also the purpose of our newspaper that in the witness of faith and truth is not certainly afraid of taking a stand, on the contrary it invites all to a courageous cohesion to defend the values of man.

Today the Catholic Church celebrates the nativity of the Virgin Mary and In Terris celebrates its third “birthday”. It was a precise choice to devote and dedicate our newspaper to the extraordinary presence of Mary. It has not been inaugurated on this day for a simple devotion but for an inspiration and a profound conviction: when we request the presence of Mary our paths are enlightened and guarded. For irrational but concrete reasons, her participation is capable of producing great graces. In Terris while dealing with earthly problems and issues has never ceased to indicate the direction of the sky, irreplaceable for every man.

And so, the “love for the letters”, and the desire of God become accomplices in this editorial project that is not limited to inform but intends to urge the reflection towards irreplaceable contents and values. You readers participate with interest and give us many suggestions: this is a matter of great satisfaction to us because it indicates that your attention is not limited only to the titles. I hope that this small drop in the ocean of media can help to heal ignorance and to grow in virtue.

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