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At the age of 3 a child is able to say short phrases, to learn nursery rhymes, to do small manual jobs, to take small responsibilities and to eat by himself. For a human being, this age is an extension of the down that began with the birth. A long road ahead, a small one behind the shoulders. For a newspaper applies exactly the opposite. In the same period of time it will have travelled a long path, telling facts, stories, happy events and dramas. It may have done an excellent job without, however, having the same certainties about its future than those of a child 3 years old. Blame the crisis (the one of the publishing industry is terrible), a multi-media society where the role of mediation and filter once operated by the press fell through and an increasingly brazen running after the news that annihilate the golden rule of “searching, checking, publishing“, replaced by the risky and counterproductive rule “publish as soon as possible“, true background of fake news and the main cause of the loss of credibility in our class.

The fruits of the work

From 3 years in Terris sails these waters, where storms, calm sea and favourable winds alternates, succeeding, however, to always take the vessel to the port and then restart. There is who considers this a genuine miracle (considering the period). Us, net of the providential design who wants us to be obviously still alive and kicking, we prefer to consider this as the result of a job well done. Every day the editorial staff produces more than 50 articles, distributed in 12 “sections”. On our homepage current news alternate with in-depth analysis, with which we examine specific topics to offer the reader a larger picture. Then there are the sections that characterize us like the “Slap” and the comment of the day (which can be “Editorial“, “Opinion” or “In Caelis“, depending on the topic, on the way in which it is written and on the author). For a more “social” audience we have sections where we give space to lighter topics, like health, curiosity, kitchen and so forth. A very important aspect is represented by the international profile of in Terris, not only in the topics covered, but also in the drafting of articles in languages other than Italian. Today we have an English version constantly updated but we also proposed articles in Spanish, Portuguese, Polish, Russian and Arabic. An editorial choice that has allowed us to be known in the 4 continents, also thanks to an extensive work on the social media.

And let us give the announcement: in order to offer our customers a product that constantly keeps up with the times, in Terris in the coming days will be published with a new guise, not only from the point of view of the layout but also in its content, giving more space to the deep analysis of the themes related to its three main topics: World, Social and Religions.

Confirmations and surprises

We will go into the detail of the new site in due time. Today we are interested, more than anything else, in drawing up a balance of these 3 years and of the results achieved. In particular we reached almost 20 million visualizations. Continuously monitoring the statistics allows us not only to check whether our offer is appreciated but also to know the tastes of the readers and the topics that they deem most appealing. Some were a confirmation. We think, for example, about the article of Father Francesco Bamonte (President of the IEA) on the relationship between satanism and Halloween. Or the article talking about the terrible phenomenon of the Blue Whale Game. Or, finally, about the editorial with the shocking title “How to kill a priest“, of our director, don Aldo Buonaiuto. Other articles on the other hand, were a pleasant surprise and got hundreds of thousands of clicks.

Quality first

We also published articles in which we addressed important political, social and cultural issues. Like the slap/interview with the writer of the Corriere della Sera from Paris, Massimo Nava, who helped us to understand the situation in Turkey one year after the attempted coup. Or the interview with Mgr. Savio Hon Tai Fai, Secretary of the Congregation for the Evangelization of Peoples, on the condition of Catholics in China. Or, again, the analysis on the tragedy of human trafficking carried out together with the president of the European Parliament, Antonio Tajani. Important contributions have also been given by personalities from the world of sport – like the president of FIFA, Gianni Infantino – of from the institutions – including former premier Enrico Letta– and from the catholic world like Massimo Gandolfini.

Support in Terris

These small great successes have allowed in Terris to grow and consolidate. They have been an injection of confidence and fuel that have prevented our engine to be low in fuel, and then stop. To this should be added the economic support that came from hundreds of benefactors of the Catholic world, but also from business people, politicians and civil society. The celebration of these 3 years then also become a thanks to all those who have helped us to go forward and an appeal to our loyal readers and friends, not to stop to support us. The sprout has grown, has put down stronger roots in a rough terrain and became a plant. But in order to live and transform into a secular tree it still needs water and goodwill.

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