A new style of life

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The Creation has been groaning and suffering, it is written in the Letter to the Romans. And how true it is today: natural disasters, floods, earthquakes, desertification, temperature raising, glaciers melting. Man is the protagonist, the technologic homo faber is with his feet on the ground: depopulation, deaths of thousands of people because of wars, migrations, social injustices. Pope Francis in Laudato si’, for the first time in the Magisterium of the Church has dealt in an Encyclical letter with the ecological problem, which is first and foremost anthropological, i.e. depends on man, on the relationship with his fellows, on the respect of the environment, on designing a future which does not interest only to me, but to those who will come after us.

The World Day of Prayer for the care of the Creation, wanted by the Pope for the 1 September of each year, reminds us of the need to preserve a common house that is habitable, desirable, to be built together. The style of life is an educational problem that must be outlined from the earliest age. The respect for the others starting with the weakest, the sharing of goods and food, the choice of sobriety, of instruments that give priority to the “us”, of places that create participation. The age of the smartphone increases the communication but also the existential loneliness, rivalry and sometimes even the absurd. Young people who disfigure with caustic soda a homeless sleeping in the park, governments who hunt with tanks refugees arriving at the border, packages and kits of reproductive health of the UN which provide for mothers the opportunity to access to abortion as customary practice, show a sick world, which looks after the interests of the few and marginalises or cuts out the weakest. There is an ecological crisis of the human system, a vision of the world that does not take account of the fundamental dignity of persons.

Where can we restart from? The Second Vatican Council said: “In reality the imbalances that exist in the contemporary world depart and reside in the heart of man”. A new humanity can only start from the healing of the heart. From the respect for the Creation and for the Creator, that says: “Mine is the earth and you are tenants”. There is an urgent need to return to the sources. Don Oreste Benzi says: “When man excludes God from his life, upheaval and unhappiness take over, because man enters in no meaning, in the absurd and even the Creation is disturbed. Re-establishing the relationship with God man returns in its balance and even the creation finds his peace. The soul is the most important dimension of man, the soul is made to stay in peace with God and with our brothers and with the creation”. Let us start afresh from the heart, from fraternity, from feeling a single family, from sharing, then the creation will shine even for us.

Taken from Sempre

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