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“Hello, I would like a pill to kill my child“. What would happen if a mother would really enter into pharmacy asking openly in this form a 5 days morning-after pill? But no one is ever so sincere. And also some pharmacists are not sincere in clarifying the effects of the most popular pill at the moment. Indeed! The confusion continues to grow out of control only to the advantage of the pharmaceutical industry. Certainly not to the advantage of the mothers and much less of the unborn intended to be wiped out from the moment of conception. And especially in summer time, when there are hundreds of holiday proposals but not even one initiative to educate to responsible motherhood and fatherhood.

The “DR” Internet

It is not surprising then that a survey of Swg-Health Communication recently presented in Rome and realized through a questionnaire answered by 500 women aged between 18 and 40 has detected that the70% of them are very favourable to the use of emergency contraceptives. Although they consider them useful and effective specifically to avoid abortion (76%), more than 50% of the women interviewed considers them however dangerous. According to this research, the difference between the morning after pill and the 5 days morning-after pill is known only by 17% of women that instead of getting information from the gynaecologist, from the family doctor or from the pharmacist, they prefer to learn everything from the Internet or by reading magazines and newspapers. In general, for 50% of the women interviewed, find it is easier to buy them now with respect to the past but a 30% still have declared to find interferences when they go to the pharmacy. And 1 on 5 do not even know that one can ask for it without prescription (being over the age of 18).


Really a great confusion if we consider that Federfarma, that a short time ago has been called to respond to a question in the Senate, has admitted the boom of the sales of the 5 days morning after pill – although trying to limit the alarmism – with a 96% growth in 10 months, over 200,000 boxes sold in 2016, almost one every two minutes. EllaOne, this is the name of the pill, in Italy is incredibly easy to get because nor a medical prescription, nor the pregnancy test is requested, and costs only 26,90 euro. And furthermore, it is presented always more extensively by the media as emergency contraceptive. But the truth is that it is an abortive drug that can be assumed by the woman within 120 hours from the intercourse considered at risk, preventing the embryo nest on the uterus, with consequent death of the same. Yet browsing the internet the pill is even proposed to treat the fibromas.

How does it work

The truth is that in the most fertile days of the cycle, EllaOne would not have any effect on the ovulation, that would follow within two days as provided by nature. Consequently, conception could take place. The pregnancy however, even in case of conception, would not appear. EllaOne, in fact, prevents the action of the progesterone, the hormone which favours the gestation, hindering the normal effect of the preparation of the endometrium to nesting. In summary: the Ulipristal Acetate (the active drug ingredient) is able to delay ovulation only in 8% of the cases, while all the other women (92%) who take this drug in the most fertile days, ovulate regularly and can conceive. If the pregnancy does not appear is therefore because these medicines prevent the nesting of the child in the uterus. These are details often omitted by pharmaceutical companies and associations of pharmacists. This is why the AMCI, Association of Catholic Doctors in Italy have warned people since a long time on the “serious danger for the health of the woman when repeatedly taking the drug without informing the family doctor”. And for the minors: “The disinformation about the risks and the side effects for the health of the teenagers beyond the possibility of the suppression of a human life is certainly due to superficial and not weighted decisions, claimed by a misunderstood freedom and personal self-determination”. And nor even – as many adolescents think – it can solve the anxiety of those who after unprotected occasional intercourses fear of having contracted infectious diseases. EllaOne does not prevent HIV, hepatitis or other sexually transmitted diseases.

Pharmacists objectors

But there is someone that is trying to give correct information and even to object to the sale of the drug. Fausto Roncaglia is a pharmacist in Parma and the vice-president of the Ucfi, the Catholic Union of the Italian Pharmacists’.

How is it possible that an abortive drug continues to be confused with a contraceptive?
“The Italian law calls drugs those products that kill, but they are not drugs, they are true chemical weapons, arranged in the drawers and shelves of the pharmacies, in boxes, they are entirely similar to the other ones, sold like all the other ones. This goes against the conscience of every human being and goes against the constitution of the Italian Republic, that declares to refer to the Declaration of Human Rights, which at art.2 says that no one can be obliged to collaborate to kill. Yet if a pharmacist refuses to sell these products he may be reported, taken to trial and condemned. We must have the courage to speak the truth. The morning after pills are abortive, the 5 days morning after pills are abortive, the spirals are abortive. How many people know, even between the health operators, that the World Health Organization performed a “magic trick” in order to make such products pass as non-aborting by changing the meaning of the words abortion and pregnancy? They sat on a table and they established against the objective truth in science, for convenience, to decide that pregnancy does not begin at the time of conception (as it really is) but at the time of the implantation of the embryo in the uterine endometrium (8-10 days after), so as to be able to dispose of the embryo in the first days of life. But by changing the meaning of words you do not change the scientific reality: they are products made to kill the embryo, real human pesticides”.

Concretely, when a woman comes to the pharmacy and asks the morning-after pill or the 5 days morning after pill, do you have the opportunity to explain the abortion effects and to dialog with the purchaser, directing her to the Life Help Centre or can you even refuse the sale?
“In the past I was a pharmacy owner, now I am a freelancer. Certainly, the owner has more freedom and he can (indeed he shall always do it!) inform the woman about the effects of the products she is asking for and possibly direct her to a Life Help Centre. Even the pharmacist employee is a professional and he has the right and the duty to act in the same way. But unfortunately for the employee pharmacist objectors, some owners are a bigger obstacle than the law itself. Since when the need of the medical prescription for the morning after pill and for the 5 days morning after pill has been removed for adult women, the owner of a pharmacy may decide not to keep such products, explaining why he considers them inappropriate. If then a minor with a medical prescription comes in, the pharmacist objector can explain why he does not keep and he does not sell the product requested. To have time to inform each customer is fundamental”.

Have you ever been reported? Or have your pharmacy ever been “reported” to the Order of the Pharmacists?
“It never happened to me but I am privileged, before as pharmacy owner and now as a freelancer, given that in Parma everyone knows that are I am objector and only who knows that I will object employs me. Furthermore, I do not work night shifts, where there is greater demand for those products. The President of the Catholic Union of the Italian Pharmacists’ of Rome, was instead reported few years ago and other colleagues as well. They went through a long procedure, but in the majority of cases the pharmacists have not been sentenced, on the basis of the Declaration of Human Rights, according to which no one can be obliged to collaborate to kill and to art. 3 of our profession, which says that the pharmacist is obliged to respect life. However, years of proceedings are a conviction (also economic). At the moment, we pharmacists we do not have specific laws that allow us to be objectors without problems and therefore we object with the risk of being reported, of being dismissed, not to be employed if objectors. Some of the colleagues were forced to change the type of work in order to sustain the family”.

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