The anthropological manipulation

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Joe Holliday is an English boy affected since birth by exstrophy of the cloaca, a rare malformation involving the genital organs. The doctors decided to intervene surgically, and then they suggested his parents to educate their child as a female, believing that sex identity is exclusively a cultural matter.

The consequences have been dramatic. His story shows us the damages which ensue from the pretension of man to intervene on nature.

Today we often hear about the problems of pollution and climate change. And we insist on the need to safeguard the environment, starting precisely from the respect of nature, of its cycles and of its laws.

But the respect for nature also embraces the anthropological sphere. The dimension of corporeity, the sexual differences are not an appendix, they are constitutive identities of  human being. They are also related to the specific psychological, character and spiritual aspects of a man and a woman. This is not only about having different organs of the body, but also about having the chromosomes that speak through our way of relating with others. Man is more instinctive, more interventionist, while a woman is more creative, more welcoming.

As far as we can attempt to suffocate it, at the end nature always demonstrates itself. A surgical intervention such as the one that has been performed on Joe Holliday defies the laws of science. The masculine nature of this person has emerged as a surge of rebellion. It is like nature that reacts against the carelessness of man through the floods.

Yet there is real cultural front known with the name of the gender theory, which promotes a deconstruction of the sexual identity. In the nineties, the story of baby Joe Holliday was hijacked by most of the media in order to sponsor an unconventional fashion.

The same fashion is still present today. In the philosophical, mediatic, anthropological, legal, even at times in the theological field, there are real followers of gender. There is a proper lobby that acts starting from schools.

In this field, it is vital to rediscover the responsibility of families and educators. You cannot delegate to ideological associations the presence inside the class councils. Parents must rediscover the importance to be active participants in the educational projects in their children schools.

The parental negligence opens the doors of the school to associations that want to convey to our youth ideologies which claim to cancel our masculine and feminine specificity.

In the First Letter of Peter, we read:  be always ready to give an answer to every man that asks you a reason of the hope that is in you. . Well, this is a sentence that we must have well impressed in our minds. This is a crucial challenge: to defend the right of our children to grow according to the path traced by God through Creation.

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