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Testimonianza a Congresso Cisl

We propose to our readers the bare witness of a former victim of the sex market. She is a young girl from Eastern Europe, she spoke yesterday, 30 June, during the session dedicated to the prevention of violence against women during the National Congress of the CISL. It is a veritable fist in the stomach. If you have the courage, we invite you to read it all in one breath, to understand what hides behind the phenomenon of prostitution.

I’m Stefania, I am 24 years old and I come from Romania. I am here today to share with you this very painful part of my life. I was 18 when I arrived in Italy, brought by people who I thought friends of my family. They promised me a job and I have accepted considering the poor status of my family, because we had no money and the we could not eat every day.

Only later on I found out that I had been sold as an object and that I became the property of someone. They sent me on the streets by force, with kicks and punches, with threats and tortures of which I still bear the signs in my body and in particular in my ears that have been brutally cut by the pimps. One night I was physically and psychologically destroyed, I was dragging myself to enter in customer’s cars. I also felt dirty and ugly because they pulled out all my hair and you could see the skin… My hands were wounded, like my knees and I had holes in the belly because they jumped on top of me with stiletto heels.

Yet these men that you call customers are people who go shopping, like me, who go buying something they need, who feel the need to possess things … So I also become something to buy, like when you go to a shop.

I will never understand how a person who defines himself a man cannot have mercy on a girl that bleeds, who cries and who suffers, pretending nothing happened, buying her and asking her to have sex while she cries and she is ill. For me these customers, will never be men but inhumane people, without heart.

What saddens me is when people speak of prostitution as a job … For me it has never been a job but it was instead a torture. I felt raped many time… like are raped many young girls that I am going to meet today with the Community Pope John XXIII, with don Aldo, on the streets in order to persuade them to exit from this hell, to find the courage to escape. It is not easy but it will be possible if also you and the State, those who govern, will have the will to make laws to stop these people without heart.

When they used to beat me up, I always hoped in the arrival of someone who could help me get rid of that hell. When finally, after months, for the first time the police arrived, I was really happy. They brought me immediately in the hospital and then in the Community.

I hope that this proposal for a law to stop the customers of the slaves forced into prostitution truly become the start of a great hope, giving back the freedom and the desire to start a new life to many young girls. Thank you.


Here you can see the video and listen to the speeches – including the one that we reported in the transcript here above – in the course of the session on the prevention of violence on women, during the CILS Congress.


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