Which side are you on?

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don Aldo

Too many hypocrites call ‘work’ what is a veritable massacre, a shame that invades the streets of our cities. Behind every prostitute there is always a history of exploitation, of suffering and of violated youth. And unfortunately, there is also an industry, which produces ninety million euros per month for criminal organizations.

Purchasing the body of another human beings – men, women, children – it is not and never can be considered a right. Legalizing prostitution means making hell lawful. There is someone who speaks of reopening the brothels. But I wonder: “Who do we want to put inside these brothels? One of your dear? Would you be happy if your son or your daughter tell you to have found work in showcasing his or her body?”.

As don Oreste Benzi used to say and as I often repeat, “no person is born a prostitute, there is always someone who makes her become one”. For this reason, it is unacceptable to forage the exploitation and it is instead necessary to stand on the part of those who want to free these enslaved daughters.

They cannot wait for our talks, they need concrete gestures of help. Europe requested all Member States to adopt the legislative model of Northern Europe: to stop the demand. The market exists because there is a persistent demand on the part of the so-called “customers”. It is necessary to reiterate that anyone who goes with a prostitute must be punished like those who exploits them.

It is also a matter of social culture. There are women who prefer that their man goes with a prostitute rather than having a lover, because the prostitute is considered an “object that you use and throw” only for one night.

And the fact that so many young people find fun deriding, mistreating prostitutes, it is depressing. What is our society becoming? Us adults we are responsible, because these are our children.

We must therefore carry out a work of information and awareness raising, but at the same time we must discourage the market by striking the demand. My appeal is addressed to the current government. Approving a law that punishes customers means restoring hope for the last ones, to those that Pope Francis calls the “waste”.

It is therefore important to sign the petition “This is my Body”, by the Community Pope John XXIII. The institutional and legislative action should be encouraged by a campaign of the civil society, because each one of us is responsible for what happens around us. For what happens at night, on our streets, that so many pretend not to see.


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