The discrimination “Upside-down”

  • Italiano

We can now say it. In Western culture, the place of the Almighty has been taken by certain doctors and by some of the Court judges. And so now the life of the little Charlie Gard can be shattered in any moment.

It has been decided, after days of anxious wait, by the European Court of Human Rights. So much for safeguarding the rights! The only right that triumphs in this case is the one of the people that have no relation with the life of this child, the right of killing him at all costs, despite the parents have pleaded to be able to take care of him making a last attempt in the United States.

This dramatic event is the umpteenth defeat of a West that is condemning itself to perish. There is no need of judgment, of judges, or courts, to affirm that the desire to live is in the nature of every child. It would have sufficed to allow the small Charlie and his parents to hope for a miracle.

But in front of this havoc, one cannot fail to denounce the deafening silence of those institutional personalities who proclaim themselves so attentive to human dignity; once again we are dismayed before too many “Pontius Pilate” that will pretend to not be accomplices of this crime. Euthanasia directly and indirectly become a tolerated practice, where there is no longer the person at the centre but for many the free determination of human life.

Nowadays, moving abroad in order to be able to die, when in one’s own country the legal system does not provide for euthanasia, is considered a right. But the contrary is not permitted. People cannot emigrate from the countries in which the so-called “sweet death” is legal, in order to be able to cultivate the hope to continue living.

Freedom has fallen off in a degrading liberalism. Anything but “sweet death”, this ruling leaves bitterness in the hearts of many other children and of their parents that, in a similar situation, will be deprived of all hope. Their only crime is to be sick. They will be sentenced to death for this.

What kind of dignity can we talk about with our children if everything became so subjective and relative? In the mishmash of practical relativism, words as right and dignity are meaningless. And it is in the name of relativism that shortcuts as euthanasia are used to sever the link between the Creator and His creatures. My hope is that all those who believe in life, starting with Christians, feel this injustice unbearable and consequently feel the need not to remain silent. I would like to see multitudes of people get off the streets all over the world screaming for a clear “no” to this verdict of death. I would like to see in our faces of Christians the same expressions of courage that characterize the martyrs. We must not be afraid to be mocked and insulted, as Jesus teaches when He defines “blessed … when men shall revile and persecute you and, lying, shall say all kind of evil against you for my sake”. Defend the other is always an absolute principle, even when the odds seem to prevail. In the defence of the life of the small Charlie Gard there is the defence of the lives of so many children who need us.

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