The mom better than a manager

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I read in the newspaper La Repubblica an interesting article that validates a proposal that we put forward some time ago. “The job of a mom? It is worth a manager salary. The most beautiful, but also the most tiring in the world – we read -. Yes, because a mom does every day the work of a big team of professionals and if the use of full time motherhood, without leave, nor overtime should be quantified in economic terms, a mother would earn like a manager of good level. She would earn 3,045 euros per month. Because the mom is the private driver of her children, washes and dresses them like an early childhood expert, becomes chef at home, does the laundry and ironing services, does the home works with the children, becomes maid, psychologist, school consultant, personal trainer, hairdresser at home. If a mother should stop, we would need eight people to do her work“.

As Community Pope John XXIII we proposed to give a salary to mothers up to the third year of life of the child. We also said that a forward-looking policy, for the good of the country, shall provide strong support to motherhood and to the family like it has been done for a long time in France and Germany, nations that have now a birth rate almost double than the one of Italy.

It is now time that the political programs of the forthcoming elections give absolute priority to this choice that remains the true solution of the complex economic and financial crisis. Investing in life, for a young future of the country, with resources that are born from courageous choices.

We want to dare another proposal because Italy and the old Europe revive. A laic proposal, comprehensible by everyone. That the approximately one hundred thousand children who cannot see life due to the choice of the voluntary interruption of pregnancy can come to the world and thus give a credit balance between births and deaths in one year. It is good to know that in Italy as well as in other countries of the world, you can give birth in anonymity. Our Law (Art. 30, paragraph 2, DPR 396/00) ensures, in fact, full assistance to pregnant women, giving them the opportunity to leave the baby in the hospital in the most complete anonymity and with the certainty that he or she will be safe until he/she will find a family. Doing this we would save and not kill children, one hundred thousand families could adopt a child and the country, in a decade would have a real, civil and also spiritual rebirth. I hope we will not have to wait another three years to have confirmation of the goodness of this proposal.

Taken from “Always”

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