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In the United Kingdom, it may soon become common to meet young male students with a skirt. No, it is not the famous kilt, the traditional skirt worn by men as a garment for ceremonies. Rather it is the umpteenth step, moved this time by the British colleges, toward sexual undifferentiation. The school managers have in fact decided: male students will be able to choose to wear girls uniform and vice versa.

Gender in the schools

The Sunday Times announces that the Highgate School, one of the wealthiest private institutes in London, active since 1565 in the education of the offspring of the British society from the age of three to eighteen, is the last college in order of time to embrace gender.

Its Board of Directors decided that the boys and girls of the college will be free to wear indifferently some skirt or trousers. According to the leadership of the Highgate School, this is a way to tackle the growing phenomenon of adolescents and children who doubt about their sexual identity.

Adam Pettitt, director of the school, told the British newspaper: “The new generation are asking themselves seriously if we want to listen or not to what they have to say. If wearing skirts the boys will be happier and reassured about who they are, it will be a good thing“.


Not everyone has however the same opinion. Parents, educators and psychologists have spoken up to criticize the decision of the famous College of London. “Many people tell me to let these children free, to let them grow and really understand what they want to be,” comments Pettitt. That is convinced however to continue on his way: “They Believe that it is too early for the children, but they have not understood that this is something that you feel inside from the moment in which you start to think with your own brain“.

Next steps

The first student of the Highgate School has already received permission to wear the girls’ uniform. But the “gender revolution ” is only just beginning. The Sunday Times reports that the next steps that the school leadership intends to pursue is to remove the distinctions between males and females in sports practice and the suppression of the bathrooms divided on the basis of the sex of the students.

The choice of the Highgate School caused controversy, although it is not an isolated case in the United Kingdom. As reported by the Sunday Times and by the Italian web site, last year eighty British Institutes gave permission to their students to wear uniforms of the other sex.

The green light of the government

The hike must be ascribed to the indication of the British Government to the schools in order to introduce “gender neutral” uniforms, to which followed, a year ago, an allocation of funds by the Department for Education in order to promote sexual fluidity between students of the United Kingdom.

The line of the executive was adopted a few days later by the Girls Schools Association, which brings together the Headmasters of British girls’ schools, which issued a document in which they invited teachers to use the neutral term “pupils” to call boys and girls and to institute unisex bathrooms.

Funds for sex change

London, already for some time, decided to allocate copious funds for the gender cause. The evidence is that from 2014 the British National Health System bears the costs of psychological consultations and the administration of drugs to delay puberty to children of nine years who suffer from “gender dysphoria“, who feel uncomfortable with their biological sexual identity. In the first nine months of 2015 the government spent 2.6 million pounds of public money to submit more than one thousand children to this type of therapies.

Who profits

It is not yet clear if the explosion of these therapies corresponds to a real emergency or it is rather a sort of fashion. The fact is that the British Government is thus favouring a cultural trend promoted by large pressure groups of LGBTs and by a few multinationals of the e-commerce, persuaded by the big turnover which rotates around the style of homosexual life, by potential profits arising from biotechnology applied to human reproduction, from the sale of oocytes, from the womb for rent and from techno science.

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