The irresponsible leaders

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don Aldo

A responsible wise man, a true father and teacher, a worthy ruler and administrator can be recognized measuring him with the profound words spoken by Pope Francis on the way back from Fatima: “We need to look for doors that are a little open, enter and talk about common things. Go forward step by step. Peace is an artisanal work, you build it day by day. Also, friendship between people, acquaintance, esteem are crafted, day after day. To respect the other, say what you think, but walk together with respect, be very honest.”

These few lines may illuminate the minds of those who in society, even on different levels, live the exercise of some responsibility. At the end, we are all involved and called to responsibly administer at least our own life, the creation entrusted to us and very often the existence of other people.

People who abandon their responsibilities can be clearly seen in those who do not want to be accountable for their actions. Today the value of liability is in deep decadence, even in the depths of the heart of the one who conceives a creature up to those who think they have the right to do and undo anything, even feeling entitled to kill the neighbour.

The value of individual responsibility now has already given way to the individualistic and illusory affirmation of being worth more than others and to have faculties and powers to impose on others. The power of the single, either big or small, is being increasingly used to manipulate the reality, especially when it is necessary to defend oneself from the errors or omissions that derive from the fact of having rejected one’s task rather than accept the consequences of one’s own actions and argue with maturity and seriousness in front of the judgment of others, without the easy shortcut of the more or less fierce insult.

Also in the religions, as well as in the Catholic Church, there is this dilution of the value of the authority that Pope Bergoglio is instead trying, in all occasions and almost alone, to restore to its proper nature and function. In fact, he himself constantly reminds the leaders to be servants and not despots. He warns his collaborators and the whole Church in a strong way, with the specific purpose of requiring exemplariness of conduct and testimony of authentic and consistent behaviours.

So, when the Pope attacks the clericalism, especially of certain lay people having roles of responsibility, he does it because he is aware that this disease is really present and harmful for the Church.

How many funny labels and sad careerism forged in unnecessary titles cover the nostalgia of the baroque… how many servants of the common good become ridiculous peacock, thirsting for primacies but then mocked by the people and already condemned for the lack of a genuine testimony. It will be impossible to recite unnoticed because people now have no longer compassion on these mercenaries and on those personalities which will govern substantially in solitude, surrounded only by cunning hypocrites, good, in servility, to show happy teeth, bowing in front of the occasional master, masked with opportunism.

The ambitious guides will never realize it because of that blindness due to narcissism and to the need of feeling adulated but also because the peacock, precisely to be such, lacks any aptitude for discernment. The aggressors never lower themselves to ask and do not seek the confrontation, rather they fear it for that kinky haughtiness that makes them entrust those who live by the prejudices.

How many rulers, leaders, responsible of any kind have failed in their service due to the obstinate self-convictions and prejudices. The world is full of those responsible mercenaries and also in the Church there are quite a few.

The irresponsible are prone to easy insinuations, intent to pretend not to understand ever, to suddenly become the magicians of many words, capable of incredible climbing on the mirrors of the devil. They apply so attentively the double rule of super-intransigence towards others, imposing heavy burdens on the shoulders of the weak ones and of the hyper-susceptibility towards themselves, unable to withstand the softer adversity.

The contempt and the discredit become weapons to give strength to their reasons for managing to push what is inconvenient in chasms of bewilderment, of mistrust, of loneliness, of abandonment.

This occurs both for the ordinary lost sheep that no longer finds a shepherd ready to help her and for those who are left to sink into the Mediterranean Sea and in all those chasms where indifference reigns and regulates everything.

All this is bringing humanity towards the abyss of irresponsibility where launching the stone hiding the hand has become the main rule of life the criterion of such subjects. Everything is done elegantly, but with occult style and mafia method, even exhibiting crocodile tears if necessary… but the poison of judgment wears the one who is sick of power, and as such capable of damaging and trample on anyone who can hinder his personal and insane desire. Anything but servants of the common good and craftsmen of charity!

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