Venezuela: no more silence

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The attempt by the opposition in Venezuela to bring to its knee the hated regime of Maduro, failed. Once again tens of people died, while thousands have been injured due to the strong repression perpetrated by the government. Now the hope is that an international movement may support those heroes of democracy and civilization.

But so far everyone remained silent, even the volcanic Trump should say something for a region that is considered as his house garden. So much distraction towards that part of the globe is inexplicable, especially when crisis of that level are incessantly followed by the world diplomacy and public opinion, that are always ready to mobilize in situations like these.

The drama of Venezuela continues, squeezed in the iron grip of a government that has demolished it under every point of view: morally, economically, democratically. The regime produced a real cataclysm from time when it started to oppress the people with the Presidency Chavez. Over the years, Caracas, from being a first-class capital of business, was transformed into a central of coordination for all the South American radical left governments and in a place that finances terrorism, and not only the regional one.

Just look at who were the international consultants, of President Chavez first, and of Maduro later. All extreme left ideologists – including Tony Negri – called to draw up the fraud Constitution approved some years ago. The regime, strong of Venezuela oilfields – of a quality that is comparable to the shale oil of the United States – used this wealth for an insane foreign policy, and entirely destroyed, one by one, all the productive systems and the economy. An alleged “Bolivarian grandeur” unjustly assigned to the “Libertador” Simon Bolivar. The condottiere that liberated a big part of the South American continent at the beginning of the nineteenth century from Spain, was in fact a liberal. Instead Chavez and Maduro are nothing else that epigones of the world Communism. Like all the extreme left regimes known so far, they devastated the economy of that country, imprisoning and killing the opponents. Far are the times of Venezuelan tourists that went to Florida strong of the Bolivar (the national currency) for affordable purchases, considering that their currency was even stronger than the US dollar. The current rate is instead 1 dollar for 9.9875 Bolivar.

This deterioration has been made possible not only by the infinite waste of resources to finance the relations with other similar countries, but also because of the continual internal operations, declared against poverty, but which in truth were the stratagem to win the sympathies of the people, to which instead of offering job as a result of virtuous policies of investment, the government offered gifts in style Panem et Circenses.

The Italians resident in Venezuela are really many, and at best of times were the most important business stronghold of that country, at the time really the richest of the South American continent. Some time ago, while I was engaged in Caracas with anti-Chavez organizations, during some meetings with them I was able to realize personally the tragedy being experienced by their companies, now located in a rarefied economic context. Many of them, without any perspective, would like to come back to Italy but they cannot do it. In fact, they are free to leave and move back in their country of origin, but it is prohibited to sell their property and to move their incomes out of Venezuela. So they are forced to remain and to see their properties progressively disintegrating.

The hope is that the Italian authorities will deal with them; so far, the president Gentiloni remained silent but we expect that he says a few words, in favour of those who are fighting for democracy, among so much blood and repression, and on the condition of many of our compatriots. But how can we expect manifestations of anger against the Venezuelan regime in this Italy of ours, activist of civil, social and democratic freedom, that a few years ago accepted with internationalist fervour the acclaimed Chavez in Milan, in a grotesque speech that lasted for 3 hours?

The only hope is a strong statement by Pope Francis that may comfort those people and encourage them to resist to the blows of the dictatorship. So far, he was very cautious, yet he should understand better than others the big damages produced so far by chavism. Troubles also occurred in his Argentina, where the former president Cristina Elisabeth Fernandez de Kirchner, was a fervent follower of the “red South American Caudillo”.

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