The NGOs of the oppressive Governments

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don Aldo

It is necessary to make some important considerations on the controversy that rages in these days in relation to the alleged collusion between NGOs and traffickers in human beings.

If what suspected by certain Sicilian public persecutor should lead to certain and incontrovertible facts, it is entirely consequent that the authors of such crimes should be severely punished, proving that is now necessary and no more postponable, to clarify the existence of suspicious or unusual sources of financing.

Having said that, it should be noted that the problem remains however entirely unresolved: the destiny of Africa and Europe in the next few decades.

Yes, because the real question resides in the (missing) will of the international establishment to seriously address the theme of the condition of the African peoples or their economic and political destiny in the terms they deserve.

Can we really exclude that today, in 2017, the situation in Africa is not affected anymore by the colonialism of those lands? I do not believe so, because the so-called “black continent” has always been – and continues to be – a land of exploitation, speculation, illicit enrichment on the part of the west to the detriment of the people of those countries. And the price that they continue to pay still today is very high: economic deprivationexploitation of the subsoilcorruption of governments supported by more or less implicit international political consensus, arms trafficking and – unbearable abomination – trafficking in human beings and even in children.

What have they done and realized Europe and other wealthy nations to prevent or at least stop the impressive exodus that for some years now is taking place from that continent towards the rest of the world? Is there any kind of cooperation to close the numerous theatres of war that cause bloodshed to those peoples, defenceless victims of the perfidious calculations and of the interests of the West?

The answers to these questions are distressing: there is no political will to find the most just solutions and the few proposals implemented so far have been simple sweeteners or worse… military campaigns. In any case all limited actions, apparent and short term.

The countless appeals of the recent Popesof the African Church, like those of some voluntary organizations that are alone to denounce the shameful crimes perpetrated by the rich at the expense of the poor, always remain more unheard.

A sort of indifference by all the States (none excluded) leads to ignore if – just to give a recent example – the Episcopal Conference of Mozambique, in a Pastoral Letter dedicated to the theme of development, says that the governments of the industrialized countries are trying to find in Africa a solution to the energy and world food crisis without however seek to respond to the problems of the Africans. Also these complaints fall on deaf ears and seem to have become the normality, almost a routine.

Now the terrible images of those children with the swollen abdomen and abandoned in the most absolute degradation are not in fashion anymore and do not even affect public opinion. Despite all, the tragedies remain in the shameful social indifference that prefers to go hand in hand with the economic lobbies without scruples. The governments do not want to confront the real tragedy of the multitude in movement towards Europe because they know they cannot stop them being the first responsible of this exodus.

Good are the magistrates to investigate alleged and singular criminal anomalies of certain organizations that perhaps have really pushed themselves beyond their role. It is a shame that no judge on this earth will never condemn those hypocrites Western Countries that, while they leave the most desperate people drown, continue really to eradicate an entire continent for centuries in the name of civilization and yes, development… their own!

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