The courage of being Christians

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Starting from the last vote at the Italian Chamber of Deputies, where the approval to the Living Will revealed the umpteenth defeat and the sad reality of the members of Parliament who declared that they were Catholics only during the electoral campaign, I feel the audacity to make an appeal to those who, on 20 April 2017, have courageously declared the value of life.

To the 37 Members of Parliament, and I have the honour to call them Honourable by name and by fact, I ask that they execute yet another act of force in approaching the many Senators who will vote on a law which is in fact a declaration of rapprochement to euthanasia, not even too masked, wanting to express in this way the usual blackmail of the adaptation to the other European States or to respond to what is requested by just few people, given that the major problems of our Italy are the urgency of the survival of many families and young people without work.
In this Easter season that reminds us strongly of the feat and of the value of life, let us regain possession of our being Christians without fear and without doubts, because only if we restart from the awareness of having subdued to our presumptions, to have denied our belief not recognizing our spiritual death, only if we recognize our lack of faith that has removed the courage of Truth in the political action that cannot grant discounts or cuts when it comes to values and to the good of the Person, we will be an authentic and credible voice for the salvation of our people.

The fear cannot belong to the believer who serves the Lord in politics, place where the Risen Christ should return, especially in the social field, in the people suffering because of our sloth. Then I also address a humble but heartfelt appeal to the Senators, next to the last possibility of reviewing with their vote what too many believers have denied at the Chamber.

The never-ending and stale story of Catholics in politics could be transformed by new men, not because unknown or away from the first or second republic, but because regenerated by the Spirit who makes all things new: dead to the old tradition of government, reborn in the desire of real change.

Nothing is impossible for those who will treasure the Grace that abundantly the Lord will give to the men and women who are not ashamed to bring the Gospel especially in politics, dead for the sin of subservience to the strong powers, dead because it has produced social and moral decay on the themes of Life, dead because chained to corruption and to social injustice.

An appeal also to the 37 free and strong in the Chamber that, albeit in a few, had the courage to continue to be reborn in a place that in recent times is not anymore a space at the service of the common good. We ask them to meet the many Senators believers because they allow themselves to be touched by the love for the Truth. Together you shall constitute parliamentary groups for the rebirth of politics. Revive the Italian Parliament!

Movements, associations and all those who wish, are ready to join you and make visible the strength of Communion for a new Italian society, new because risen after the death of the parties that are corrupted and without God. The Italian people no longer wants to be governed by incompetent, incoherent, unconscious people and by who is selling off our Italy that was dearly rebuilt by the founding fathers starting from the Christian foundations.

Trivialize and deny our roots was an act of high treason. But our belief would be useless without the Resurrection and then I have no fear in saying dear Senators and Deputies that from acts of courage, moved by a prayed, joyful and industrious faith, we will be able to re-educate our time to wellness, to life and far from so many deaths of those who have no hope and want it to be removed from the whole world. Courage, and let us serve Italy with newfound consistency, we do not fear the apparent unpopularity of a counter current vote, because your and our righteousness today will not be thwarted by the faithfulness of the Lord. Let us rebuild with Him our time especially in the political action, let us reclaim the beauty of being men and women for a new humanism that draws on healthy roots.

Pope Francis prayed in this way:
“I ask God that He may grow the number of politicians capable of entering into a genuine dialog that is effectively oriented to heal the deep roots and not the appearance of the evils of our time!”

(by Francesco: The political charity. Library Ed. Vaticana)

Eleonora Mosti

already National Secretary AIMC (Italian Association of Catholic Teachers)
Vice President of the Federation of Popular Solidarity
Vice President of the Confederation of Popular Sovereignty

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