War games, but this is not a game

  • Italiano

For the moment it looks like a great game of strategy, but it is not. It is something much more dangerous, it is a test of strength, a deploy of power, sending adrenaline to the armed forces. Just a spark an everything will explode, and for the moment Europe – distracted by the French elections – does not seem to have understood the full extent of the risk. Or maybe it cannot do anything against the deployment of forces that is beginning to move from West to East.

You may say: but there is no element of novelty with respect to the past, this kind of operations, manoeuvres, meetings, interception have always been there. Incorrect: the element of novelty is called Donald Trump, and the world scenario currently, from Syria to North Korea, with the pressures of Iran and Saudi Arabia in the middle, is anything but quiet. Without forgetting Afghanistan and the issue between Israel and Palestine that has never been resolved.

The theatre is the entire globe, the pawns are ships and aircraft. Two Russian bombers were intercepted in international skies off the coast of Alaska by two American F22 fighters. The naval American group guided by the aircrafts carrier USS Carl Vinson has started the approach to the Korean peninsula after having completed the joint manoeuvres off the northwest Australian coast. The “armada” is moving towards the South Korean part of the Sea of Japan, where it should arrive between 25 and 28 April.

The Syrian government is repositioning the majority of its combat aircraft in the vicinity of a Russian base in the international airport Assad, adjacent to the Khmeimim Air Base where are based the fighter aircrafts of Putin that operate precisely in Syria. The displacement would have been started in the aftermath of the attack of the US missiles on last 6 April, ordered by President Donald Trump as retaliation to the chemical attack to the village of Sheikhoun.

In the meantime, the military representatives from Russia, Turkey and Iran met in Teheran to continue the process of division of Syria. Impossible not to notice how every act, every decision, every movement is linked to events of provocation of war, one connected to the other. And the fact that are the military diplomacy that speaks, says a lot about the existing risk of a conflict of vast proportions.

It was not by chance that Pope Francis launched just a week ago a new appeal for peace in the world: “I can only ask more forcefully the peace for this world subject to the arms traffickers who earn with the blood of men and women,” said the Pontiff at Easter in an interview to La Repubblica, reaffirming that the world is “facing a terrible world war in pieces”. Pieces which, unfortunately, are connecting with one another.

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