An inconvenient Pope

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Yesterday evening I was invited to the television broadcast Nemo on Rai 2 to attempt to describe in a few minutes the person of the Pope. My intervention was placed after the utterances of some so-called “conservatives” or pseudo-traditionalists who blatantly declared their hostility towards Pope Francis.

Starting by saying that the Pope does not need to be defended by anyone – and I was therefore unworthily called to express my thoughts and feelings towards this special and extraordinary personality – certainly my every word would have result being poor and not exhaustive. I began by recalling my life mentor, the dear Don Oreste Benzi, stressing that this Pope often reminds me his way of being and acting. Don Oreste used to compare the Church to a sphere which stands resting on each point. In this sphere, everyone has an irreplaceable task: all the points have equal value and importance. The functions are different, but there is no difference of dignity and the ball could not exist – indeed it would be destroyed – without the barycentre. Therefore, I recalled our barycentre: Jesus united to his Vicar, the Pope.

I would like to remind to those who declare themselves Catholic that the Vicar of Christ on earth was indicated by the Holy Spirit … by denying this truth it makes no longer sense to speak of Catholicism. The Shepherd that the Spirit of God has chosen for us today is precisely he, Pope Francis, builder of bridges, wanted by Jesus as his representative to spread love to all men.

Who knows a bit about history cannot deny the radical difference between certain Popes lived in a distant past and the Popes of the recent centuries! We only need to remember the Popes of the century that just ended to be pleased about so much good they have done to humanity. But today, for the sake of truth, we know that the real problem of the Church is not Pope Francis but the Catholics. Certain divisions (many!!) and envy that are fomented, despite that Popes change, are the disturbing symptom of a deep deviation of the religious sense of life and therefore also of the loss of the Spirit of Jesus and of his Gospel.

It is evident that the boat of Peter is put to a hard test not only by the external waves of a pagan and anti-Christian world but also within its own mystical body; Intra ecclesiam: how many jealousies and how much individualism…. how much slander and how much haughtiness!! Then we should even come closer to follow the warnings and the Gospel teachings of this Pope who, like Jesus, is not afraid to meet with sinners, indeed, has the full awareness of having to be just like that doctor that came to care for the sick and certainly not for the healthy.

Those who talk nonsense and dishonour the person of the Pope or are in bad faith or they say blunders for ignorance and that is due to a lack of respect and of real knowledge of the person. I met Pope Francis several times and I had the gift of staying an afternoon together with him when he came to meet our girls victim of Trafficking. I understood that for Pope Francis first of all there is the man, the human person – even before certain rules and principles – the human being, in the way Christ revealed him to us… and let us not forget that Jesus was crucified precisely for this revelation.

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