Fear that imprisons

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One is enough. The strategy of terror not necessarily must contemplate carnage. We saw this with the first videos of the Isis, in which a single prisoner was slain in favour of the camera. The signal was clear: “Now we do it here, but we will arrive”. The jihadists posted the video on the social media and they obtained the desired effect: the tension was mounting, governments were discussing, the public was boosted by the emotional wave.

Now history repeats itself, notwithstanding all security protocols. Just one man, in fact, is enough to unleash the panic. It happened in Nice, now back in London. Net of the deficiencies of the intelligence, evident in France, the fact remains that it is not possible to check every single bridge, shop, road, club, theatre, office. And terrorists – whose name defines the ‘mission’ – know it. They focus on this.

Individual entities – called in the jargon dormant cells – that are used when needed, mostly for retaliation. This is not a demonstration of strength, is not the way to win any war, but serves to keep the focus on an ideological or religion battle, and act as a catalyst. To obtain new adepts ready to immolate themselves with the same cliché, and thus going on indefinitely.

Because the true objective is not conquering the West, but putting it in crisis. Make people live in fear, forcing western countries to spend in an exponential manner to ensure a layer of security which then, at the end can be cut… with a knife, like in front of Westminster.

The great Europe continues to live with the fear of Isis (almost) defeated on the ground but not in the hearts and minds of the people who have been subjugated by the fundamentalist message, and that are ready to strike again. Even without a specific mandate.

It is not a coincidence that from the earliest news coming from London, the Italian minister of the Interior Minniti remained in constant contact with the heads of the police forces and of the intelligence services, to follow closely the evolution and the developments of what happened in the English capital. In a few days, indeed, Rome will welcome the heads of state, of government and European summits on the occasion of the celebrations for the 60th anniversary of the signing of the Treaties of Rome that will be held next 25 March.

The agreements signed in 1957 in Campidoglio, sanctioned the beginning of the great European adventure. On 25 March 1957 was born in fact the European Economic Community, with the six founding Countries: Belgium, France, Italy, Luxembourg, the Netherlands and Western Germany.

The Capital prepares the day of Saturday with one of the most imposing security setup of the last ten years, even more than for the Jubilee: snipers on the roofs, 39 check points, 3 thousand agents in the street, and the secret services engaged in dire straits in order to steal information, news, leaks. The schools close, the manholes are checked one by one and sealed.

Fear, precisely what the terrorists want to instil as a poison, is there. But in Rome the danger is double: black bloc from France, Germany and Greece are also expected. Europe is a powder keg, attached from the outside and from the inside. And we will be in the centre, as in a gunsight.

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