True history is made by the poor

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True history is made by the poor. This is what Don Oreste Benzi often said. This became clear during the last earthquake in Abruzzo and Marche where the homeless welcomed in the Hut of Bethlehem of Chieti made place to the people evacuated, who remained without a home, without the possibility to go to school, at the mercy of seismic waves capable of creating crisis of anxiety, of panic and terror, depriving them of the sleep and of the hope of tomorrow.

Luca and his brothers opened the door and the heart of the Hut: like Don Sergio has opened his church of Tolentino putting inside two hundred beds in order to make place to the poor, desolate and desperate people. They found a great family, the one the Community Pope John XXIII that has in its DNA the aim of not leaving anyone suffering alone, attentive to the cry of the poor people that overnight find themselves without anything. Charity is sharing resources, goods, houses, work, the possibility of access to schools and care, and a country is caring when it does not leave anyone back.

In the Book of Genesis, at the end of creation, looking at every work, God sees that it was a good thing, and creating man and woman He saw that it was very good. The custody of the creation and the possibility of building structures and homes in the service, for the benefit of mankind is entrusted to us. We hope that the reconstruction of the many ruins takes into account the respect of the environment and of the anti-earthquake standards, that the reconstruction does not take place above land sliding, and that rivers are cleaned. That man is the lord of creation not in the sense of being the absolute owner that does not take into consideration anything and anyone, but that knows how to put his intelligence and technology to the service of life.

The most authentic part of our people emerges at times of major national suffering, catastrophes, floods, earthquakes with a donation that moves and challenges us. This choice of sharing however must become daily, weekday, expressing in our families, in our schools, in the factories, in the hospitals.

Only if we make of these places the ground of the service that is expressed for the common good, the interest for the weakest that manifests itself in these exceptional moments will not just be a parenthesis, although significant, which makes us cry without however being seriously converted.

The awareness of being a single people must bring us to put the shoulder beneath the Cross of our brother but also to remove the causes of suffering that man produces for other men.

Taken from “Sempre”

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