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The official historiography has never done a religious analysis on National Socialist Germany. Social, economic and political studies, although important, are not sufficient to give an exhaustive explanation of the black page that is the Shoah. The material on the occultism is considerable and synthesise it is almost a feat. Can the Nazism be considered a demoniac doctrine? The answer can be affirmative. Indeed, they were talking about a new Order, composed by the elite of the Germans, who formed the SchutzStaffel. In this special body, they used to practice the occultism (and it was also an investiture). Some professionals belonged to the SS, and this served to keep under control all the social sectors.


The Nazi ideology is the fruit of an interweave of esoteric doctrines belonging to the Nordic ancestral culture embraced by a series of followers who have promoted anti-Semitic ideas as A. Lanz, author of the Magazine Ostara, that promoted the frenzied concept of “eugenics purification ” and the obligation to have relationships only between the Arians. According to Lanz there were two possible solutions for the Jews: the deportation in Madagascar or better still the Holocaust, intended as sacrificial ritual to the pagan divinity. The non-Aryan was to be eliminated and the gods would have awarded the purified Arians, giving them the immortal energy called “Vril”.

The purity of the race

Let’s try to better understand the myth of the ‘pure-race” or Arian. According to the legend this superior people having semi-divine characteristics descended directly from Atlantis and dominated the world, before being corrupted due to unions with the lower races. The descendants of the Arians have been identified in Tibet. Hitler in fact sent expeditions to Asia and the Tibetans were the first guinea pigs of the Nazis with the excuse of studying their physical characteristics.


The Nazis esoteric elements can be noticed already from their uniforms strictly black, with a skull on cap, the Totenkopf, that was alluding to the power of the “Black Order of the SS”, this emblem was a reminder of the past, of the military units of the imperial Germany. To enter the body of the SS it was necessary for a German to not have Jews relatives and to undergo magical rites of initiation. In the megalithic complex of Externsteine, there is a tomb dug in the rock in which the ones initiated to the SS had to spend one night, reciting a mantra to reach a state of transcendental ecstasy and be transformed into the Millennial Man, a kind of mystical death.

The Rites

In the castle of Welwesburg, with maximum secrecy, Hitler and hierarchs guided by some sects and occultists used to perform magic rituals in order to build the ascent of the Arian Kingdom that, according the Führer, would have lasted for 1000 years. An occult practice was the “baptism of flags” a rite of union, in which the initiates breathed the smoke caused by the fire of a flag christened by Hitler himself, soaked with the blood of the firsts dead of the regime. It is obvious that these techniques were useful to subjugate the conscience of the initiated. The “mental manipulation” locks rationality and judgment, and is a system used today by the sects.

The sects

Among the sects involved in the Nazism we can recall the Society of the Black Sun (Scharze Sonne), founded by the same hierarch Himmler. An esoteric group which used reptilian occultist-satanic techniques and tried to retrieve the occult power of snakes, changing the matter in a power or an entity. Their symbol, that was inspired by the Round Table and the Swastika, was a wheel with 12 spokes, number that indicates the initiatic rebirth in addition to be a symbolic representation of the zodiac.

Another important Esoteric Society was the Thule-Gesellschaft, founded by Rudolf von Sebottendorff, a follower formed in Turkey. The members used to go in the woods or near torrents for their rites of occultism, they claimed to be able to enter into communication with the supermen through telepathy and it was precisely this group that created the Nazi Party (NSDAP) in1920. The symbol of the Thule was the anticlockwise Swastika.


Finally, there was also the secret society of Vril, term already mentioned, that indicated the immortal energy. Even this society studied the origin of the Aryan race, the components of these sects considered themselves as the custodians of an ancient primordial wisdom. The symbol of the latter sect was a young woman with very long hair in a ponytail, representing the mediumistic power: the hair would in fact be magical antennas. The guide was the medium Maria Orsitsch, which also practiced sexual magic and claimed to receive messages and drawings from the Arians aliens of Alpha Tauern, from which she would have discovered that the population was divided into “Divine People of Light“, the Arians tall, blond and with blue eyes and the genetically degenerated races.

The plan

The Sacred Scriptures warn against evil, an enemy that seduces the man only to destroy it. To imagine and to achieve the extermination of one’s own kind is abominable, only Satan may suggest a thought so aberrant. Through the religious analysis emerges this “madness” of Hitler, a cultured man who carefully prepared his speeches and seduced the people through those majestic military parades, an expert of the aesthetics of evil, completely corrupt for his own choice by the devil. The III Reich was first of all a moral and religious issue, the fight between the two cosmo visions, namely the vision of a life with God and that of a world without God.

In this way one understands that anti-Semitism, that is unfortunately still present today, is a constant and diabolical incitement, because Israel is the constant remembrance of the Old Testament to the world and the Third Reich is a warning that the horror can happen again.

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