A kick to conscientious objection and to life

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“We are putting the health system in order”. Words and music (off-key) of the President of the Lazio Region Zingaretti that has strongly wanted a notice for the recruitment of two gynaecologists not objectors at the San Camillo Hospital, with a clause prohibiting the professionals to change idea under penalty of dismissal.

At once the ineffable president manages to trample on two sacrosanct rights: the right to life of the unborn and the one to conscientious objection of doctors. The first is sanctioned in Article 3 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the second is of constitutional nature. All in the name of the questionable “right” to suppress an innocent, the right to abortion. Zingaretti argues that without the recruitment of doctors that are not objectors, the application of the Law 194 would be disregarded. A fake unmasked by the facts as demonstrated by a story that in too many have already forgotten.

In April 2013, the Cgil presented an appeal to the Council of Europe, arguing that the recourse to conscientious objection limited the application of the Law 194. A position similar to that of Zingaretti, steeped in ideology and masked by trade union protection: it stated in fact that the staff that was not objector was subjected to discrimination and unbearable workloads. In July 2016, the Council (after a first partly favourable judgment issued in April) rejected the appeal. The Ministry of Health showed in fact that the data on which it was based were old and unreliable and that the objection does not affect the work of the staff that is not objector. Any “inefficiencies” were due to an inappropriate distribution of the operators in the various facilities of the individual regions.

But Zingaretti seized the opportunity to announce the notice (we are in May last year), which is to become operational. According to the president, to trample on the right to life and to the objection means putting the health system in order. He forgets that objector doctors are on average 70% in Italy and 80% in Lazio. Then an appropriate distribution of the staff that is not objector in the various hospitals would be sufficient to ensure the interruption of pregnancy.

Not only. Since Zingaretti flaunts about the correct application of the law 194, one has to wonder how is implemented for example the article 2 of the same law that reads “family advice bureaus (…) assist the pregnant woman” (…) “contributing to overcoming the causes which could induce the woman to the interruption of pregnancy”. What does the region (and the state) do in order to help mothers to keep their child? Practically nothing. The only way indicated is the dramatic shortcut of abortion. You can’t afford a son? You are too young? You made a “mistake”? The contraception did not work? No panic, the problem can be solved by eliminating the “odd man out”. The fact that he/she is a human being under formation in the womb of the mother at the end is just small detail

Other that maternity protection. The next step will be precisely the ideological colonization of the family advice bureaus, for which the president of the Lazio Region announced “a strategy of investment that we will be presenting in a few days, with new recruits, restructuring, prevention policies”. A strategy that has already begun in 2014 with the decree which obliged all doctors of the family advice buraus to prescribe hormonal contraceptives (e.g. the morning-after pill), the application of the mechanical ones, as the spiral, abortion, and to grant the certification to ask for the interruption of pregnancy. An attack to the conscientious objection that now, with the notice for the gynaecologists of the S. Camillo, makes a sad leap in quality that promises nothing good for the future.

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