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The name is all: “Eye Pyramid”, “eye on the pyramid”, and it seems like the ultimate symbol of masonry. That was enough to make even more sooty the first great Italian spy story, finished (or started, who knows …) with the arrest of the brothers Giulio and Francesca Maria Occhionero, they proclaimed innocent.

Technically it is a malware (short for “malicius software”, “malicious program”), viruses able to overcome the protections to disrupt the operations performed by a computer, steal sensitive information, access to private computer systems, or display unwanted ads . The attack is usually done via email: the hacker creates an attachment from hoc (almost always a Pdf) that is sent to the inbox of the intended victim. This, unaware, download the document and you’re done. Eye Pyramid auto-installs on PCs relying on a network (botnet) infected. The result? stolen files and sent to specific email addresses that have access to the perpetrators. What makes them difficult to recognize is that they leave no trace in the sent email.

Not only the malware in question “changes”, just as do their biological cousins, to survive the “antibodies” (firewall, antivirus, etc.) of which each computer is equipped by its owner. Eye Pyramid (created in 2008) is, in fact, consists of a “hard core” (the actual software) and by a “variable part” that adapts to the security systems developed in time. By changing the code you can make it up to date. And deadly. This makes it virtually invulnerable. Download new versions of its antivirus is a good practice, but by its very nature, the malware can change and even attack a seemingly immune machine. In fact we have no alternative but to look with suspicion anything that asks you to download a file. Which it has been duly made by ENAV, first institution to report the cyber-espionage.

Eye Pyramid is not the only virus to fear, as well as PCs are not the only the goal of increasingly sophisticated hackers. Recently the Postal Police launched an alarm on whatsapp, famous chat for smartphones and tablets. For more than a year (it says on the Facebook profile of the communications Ps) to traditional SMS has established the craze of voice messages. To listen to the content you need to download the attachment. “But there is a trick, and potential danger, and is nestled in the virus in the file that, when opened, infects your computer – warns the police – In most cases this allows the hacker to control the affected machine from infection ( is the case of so-called trojan horse), being able to check, even from a distance, the combinations of typed on the keyboard keys. With all the consequent illicit advantages: think of the credentials of the current account online to the most ‘harmless’ (so to speak) in credentials to the email, the Facebook profile, the user’s personal data. ”

Without forgetting the usual computer-related fraud. The latest, reported by the Post itself, consists of a text message announcing an extraordinary winning the lottery, inviting the victim to contact an imaginary email address. Who may fall in danger of losing a significant amount of money. Just as with the dated but still formidable “Carabinieri Virus” that blocks the Pc of those who are surfing the streaming platforms (let us remember that they are almost always illegal) showing a still image of the gun and a disclaimer that reads “Your PC has been locked for security reasons. You are accused of display, storage and / or distribution of prohibited pornography. ” The user, intimidated, was invited to pay a fine for oblare the established worth and not end up in jail. But it is, in fact, a malware and the Carabinieri, on its institutional portal, have issued instructions to remove it.

The problem hacker becomes, then, day by day more alarming. Richard Stennion, author of There Will Be Cyberwar, he said that “2016 will be remembered as the most important year in the evolution of the nation state attacks”. And so it was. The attacks are increasing, just think of what happened in the case of Yahoo !, NSA, FBI and the dating site Adult Friends Finder, with the publication of thousands of user data. A universal remedy, at the time, does not exist. Experts, in addition to recommending the use of the latest generation of antivirus, invite especially to maintain the high threshold of attention. As with many diseases even in the case of software piracy prevention remains the only weapon at our disposal.

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