REBIRTH AFTER ABORTION Interview with Paolo Ramonda, president of the Association" John XXIII Community".

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During public prayer for the unborn that took place few days ago in front of the Policlinico of Modena, the president of Pope John XXIII, Paul Ramonda, thanked Pope Francis for having granted to all priests the permission to absolve from sin abortion.

Why did you feel the need to thank the Holy Father as well?
“Because women who have done this extreme act such as to suppress the life within them, sometimes induced by various reasons, perhaps pushed by their husbands or by the same health facilities or by moments of weakness, despair, loneliness, may have, in their repentance, and in their distress, God’s forgiveness. this is good news. ”

But the message passed according to the mass media that the Pontiff “depenalised”   abortion …
“But it’s not like that! If you carefully read the text of the apostolic letter ‘Misericordia et misera’ the Pope repeated that abortion remains a serious crime, a grave sin and we testify it, because it is a crime against an innocent, who is unable to speak or to defend themselves. And it is also very serious that the State uses its facilities, the taxpayers’ money to suppress human life. It isn’t a coincidence that in Italy 70% of doctors and objector, because conscience rebels against the use of the life tools and structures when they just should be used to save people. ”

Your prayers outside clinics where abortions are practiced have raised strong criticism in the past. But you go ahead.
“Without doubt. It is an initiative born more than 20 years ago with Don Benzi who called us and told us that we could not remain silent in the face of such injustice, and it was not enough to pray in churches. In peaceful and non-violent way, in places where abortions are practiced we give voice to children and support to mothers. Many of them have renounced have an abortion, they held their baby and I’m very happy. There is also another aspect. ”

Which one?
“We must put a stop to this social hypocrisy crying on the falling birth rate in our country, where the fertility rate is 1.2 children per couple when to ensure the turnover should be 2.6. The reality is that are missing the 98,000 unborn children every year due to abortion guilt, which would ensure the regeneration of the Italian population. And now even the immigrant women are unfortunately following the same tendency to make fewer and fewer children. ”

Without considering “chemical” abortion with various morning-after pills. Is there the risk of “privatize” and trivialize a tragedy like that?
“Certainly, and it is equally serious. Scientific studies show that these medications interrupt the pregnancy, if there is. So, in addition to public abortion we returned to the private sector. The State should do policies for life, for family, for young people who still want to raise a family and have children, as the statistics show. We have communities in France, in Germany: in these countries the State recognizes subsidies, almost salaries, to those who look after the children. it isn’t a  coincidence, in France the birth rate is double than in Italy.

In your experience you have met so many women who have experienced the tragedy of abortion. How would you describe their hearts?
“It is tormented by an inconsolable crying, often lonely, which has been dragging for years, which remains inside like a worm. But if you give to these women the opportunity to recognize their mistake, if they accept God’s forgiveness and find a community that supports them, they are able to reborn to a new life, to give new life and very often to help others . And it’s possible to be resurrected: that’s why Pope Francis decision is so significant. It’s a real blessing from God. “

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