The angels of death

  • Italiano

They have repeatedly heard to say the sentence “I am God” and qualify as the ” angel of death. “ The case of the anesthetist who together with his mistress nurse is accused of killing some patients in Saronno must make us reflect. Have not done it for money or for some interest, but to “live” the feeling to decide the death of others. “I am God”, this is enough to understand the genesis of everything. Horror, of course, madness also. But also a way of understanding today society, where the thought of being able to do what you want with the lives of others and their own is becoming dominant.

Think of an elderly helpless that is stuffed with drugs in order to eliminate him, it vibrates the strings of indignation, raising the barricades of the right to life. The fact recalls the darkest fears of memory, and thoughts turn to Josef Mengele, the German military doctor known for cruel medical experiments and eugenics that took place in the concentration camp of Auschwitz, using deportees, including children, as human guinea pigs. He was called “Angel of Death” too.

Yet, in contemporary society, think about the right of a child to be born does not cause the same outrage, even considering the right to adult choice, the woman right. But people not yet born, are not masses of tissue but human beings with all the DNA code needed to create aspects of each individual. After 18-25 days from conception the heart already beats; at 6 weeks you can measure the frequency of brain waves; 8 weeks the internal organs are functioning and fingerprints are visible; 9 weeks the fetus perceives pain.

The cocktail of drugs injected to the poor victims of Saronno causes us a shiver down your spine; the strong salt solution injected into the bag containing the baby to cause the interruption of pregnancy, however, many do not make the same effect. Because who decided is the mother herself, and not a stranger. So if someone else decides to act like “god” it is not acceptable, if we are “God” in first person, it is – for many, not for us – legitimate. Here the dominant relativism, here is a photograph of a sick society. And, after all, the hypocrisy which rules the modern world, without absolute values, where good and evil, life and death, are interchangeable elements according to the conveniences.

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