NO MORE ALONE Today is International Day to abolish violence against women

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“For many years I never asked if I really loved or if I used my wife? Covering her with clothes and jewelry, filling her of money, after all it was a way to buy her, to possess her, to get everything I wanted … This  is not  love but only a maniac need of power to relieve thier own frustations. But today I want to say NO to violence against women! “.

It is a critical voice that of Fabio, 40 year old, imprisoned for 5 years of which 2 spent in a community as an alternative punishment. He tells to have abused and used many women. Like so many other cell mates who have made violence against wife, girlfriend or even the same mother, almost to kill them.

The anti-violence centers and feminists associations  will be in Rome in the parade to denounce the increase of mistreatment and femicide cases. The failure of the Plan adopted by the Italian government in 2015, with the manifestation entitled “Not one less”, today there will be those who in the commitment of daily listening, assistance and psychological recovery of abused women by their husbands or companions, abused girls inside or outside the home will celebrate the international Day TO ABOLISH violence against women with educational initiatives not sexist. Using immediately the 12 million euro that on November 21, the Government through the Minister Maria Elena Boschi who he received the delegation concerning Equal Opportunities, has aimed at strengthening support services for women and their children victims of violence.

Three numerous initiatives include: in Torino, the awareness campaign addressed to men “Man to man will say ‘enough'” and, in Milan, the Foundation Ieccs Ca ‘Granda, the General Hospital and Caritas Ambrosiana, they will promote the informative exhibition entitled “Stay out” to prevent abuse and violence while in the evening the Council of Christian Churches of Milan will celebrate an ecumenical vigil against violence. In Naples, at the Cardarelli hospital, illuminated with a red light since few days to remember the victims of femicide, was inaugurated the Dafne Center – pink code. Last night in Trapani also the Bishop, Mons. Fragnelli wanted to remember the victims of violence with a prayer vigil in memory of Anna,  another victim in the Sardinian Province. In Reggio Calabria local associations of civitas Network will promote in the afternoon an artistic event that will involve the high school students.

Many women are invisible part of population which easily end up into oblivion of the mass media. These are women raped and exploited in prostitution on the street or indoors. “If I think of these women killed by the hands of their clients – said Fabio – I am ashamed to have been one of them! I have attended the nightclub, where you drink and take drugs, so the mind clears every trouble. You don’t think even more to the risk of infectious diseases. You make sex for possess a body, for the satisfaction of the genitals, anything else. But it is terrible when blinded by the desire to possess someone, these clients, maybe even for pre-existing conditions that should be reworked, they kill and massacre the woman’s body just bought. It seems to say ‘if you can’t belong to me you can’t belong to anyone”.

The Association Pope John XXIII  is in favor of women victims of violence meeting them during night along the sidewalks of 21 Italian cities launching the awareness campaign “This is my body”.

In Verona at 9.00 p.m in the presence of Bishop. Zenti will host the Prayer in memory of Venetita Niacsu, in the service area where in November 2014 she was massacred and then abandoned on the ground by a customer. Also in Marina di Massa (MS) volunteers of Tuscany road units will be in prayer in Quercioli to remember women victims of violence, particularly those who are forced into trafficking and exploitation of prostitution circuit. In Cuneo and Biella at 10 p.m. street volunteers of Piemonte will gather to pray and meet those are on the road even when the temperature drops below freezing.

Also the Tree of Cyrene in Bologna organized Tuesday, November 29 at 9:00 p.m. at the round trucker Ducati’s Prayer in memory of Christina Ionela Tepuru, Romanian mom, 22 year old, stabbed to death by a client, there will be also Archbishop Mons. Zuppi.

In prayer , on the road, there will be Fabio, who once was a normal trader, married, but then he fell into the vicious circle of drugs and alcohol. he was a man who mistreated women but today, after finishing his sentence for other crimes, today he helps women into an association of central Italy. In prison, he also began writing poetry and short stories. And so in one of his writings, he expresses the feelings of the victim as if he wanted to ask her forgiveness. “An avalanche, relentless, ruthless, soulless, heartless, without time, without giving time, overwhelms her, take her, shakes her, profane and violent her without compassion . Many times the sense of possession towards a beautiful woman like an ornament, causes violence. Every day Many avalanches fall , like a sword of Damocles, over what is believed to be the weaker sex …Maybe they are able to love more. You.. daughter, woman, mother, run away and do not get overwhelm by the avalanche. ”

Is the prison for persecutors, rapists, the exploiters, and even for those who kill in order to dominate the so-called “weaker sex” the only solution? “Certainly the prison can open your eyes to the mistake whatever it is. It is important to know that if you commit a crime you go inside! But it can’t be just punitive. The prison should be rehabilitative –  an alternative sentence in an educating community was for me an important opportunity – otherwise it makes no sense to remain locked up for years in a cell, because when out you become worse than you entered! “.

The slogans that incite hatred toward the male gender and forms of contrast between feminist and masculine culture they will not solve the phenomenon of ill-treatment, violence, stalking and femicide. It is the culture that must be changed in the different social sectors. The UN General Secretary Ban Ki-moon already said that it is a serious violation of the rights that should be of interest to everyone. “It is a public pandemic and a serious obstacle to sustainable development. It imposes huge costs on families, communities and economies. The world can not afford to pay this price. ” And even more Pope Francesco in “Amoris Laetitia” n.54 did not hesitate to denounce “the shameful violence that sometimes is used against women, family abuse and various forms of slavery are not a demonstration of masculine strength but coward degradation.” He lists all forms of verbal abuse, physical and sexual within some married couples, female genital mutilation in some culture, the practice of ‘”surrogate motherhood” or “exploitation and commodification of the female body in the current culture media “. he reiterates clearly that “Some people believe that many current problems there have been starting from the emancipation of women. But this argument is invalid, “is a lie, is not it. It is a form of masculism. The same dignity between man and woman leads us to rejoice that it will exceed the old forms of discrimination, and that within families can develop a style of reciprocity “.

Once again he is the voice of the victims, but also from that of the perpetrators who have changed significantly path, you can rediscover the value of this event. In addition to the war between the sexes, in fact there is a horizon that redemption, the change of mentality and culture, reconciliation between different visions of the world, recognizing with the revolutionary and eloquent words of John Paul II in the Mulieris Dignitatem 1988 “the woman can not become the” object “of” domination “and” male possession “. But it will not be in the principle of self-determination of women, based on equality of the sexes and even in the inversion of the supremacy but through complementarity between male and female and the affirmation of the equal dignity of man and woman, that it will be possible a new society free from all violence.

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