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The Holy Year of Mercy Jubilee is over and it seemed to be spent so quickly and intensely. I certainly did not imagine to be so involved: to be nominated as Missionary of Mercy, to participate in some committees, and especially for sharing directly with the Holy Father a Mercy Friday dedicated to our young women – victims of trafficking and prostitution – welcomed in Pope John XXIII Community.

To Hear the Pontiff remind, last night on TV2000, just this event as one of the most moving and significant gestures has been truly impressive. Repeatedly putting his hand on his heart he recalled the drama of girls subjected to beatings and torture and forced into prostitution in any condition, even pregnant. As the story of the girl to which have cut an ear or that of the young African who told the sorrow for the death of her baby just given birth alone on the road in winter. The Pope also spoke of those who buy these girls: “They do not know that with this money, to give themselves a sexual satisfaction, help the exploiters?”.

Yesterday fell in me a veil of human sadness to see the Holy Door of St. Peter’s close but at the same time, I thanked the Lord because the Jubilee has passed peacefully. Everything went well in terms of safety and it was a revolutionary time on the spiritual level.

Pope Francis has had an extraordinary intuition in allowing the openings of the Holy Doors in the world; not only where there was a cathedral but also a Caritas door or a prison or any reality of welcome. In this way has allowed millions of Catholics to cross that door, representative of Christ, the multitudes who were never been able to take a trip to Rome.

This Jubilee was a triumph of participation even if, unfortunately, there are also those who deliberately try to diminish the happy outcome, and even those who falsely claims that it was a flop. Pope Francis, however, has forced “holy way” to reflect on the value of mercy involving the different realities of civil society of the entire globe, suffering from one of the most serious diseases of this time, he called “cardiosclerosi”. It was an hymn to the beauty of forgiveness and a shining beacon pointing to weaknesses, limitations, errors and miseries of our brothers last and marginalized. Every single gesture was full of empathy for this humanity wounded.

Despite a certain acidity and some stomach ache of some theorists of Catholicism, Francis became really close and near suffering person. How many people have felt directly welcomed and caressed by the Holy Father and how much joy and hope his presence has made the hearts of the afflicted. All this has more value than any theological school, that is, who reduces Christianity only beautiful theories, even the highest, but without any relapse into the attitudes and evangelical choices.

This Holy Year was a great opportunity to push humanity to reconcile with God and with others reflecting – and perhaps restoring – authentic relationships in order to find peace and harmony. We can say that the real door, the one of Pope Francis’s heart, has remained open and those Catholics who will join with the heart of the Holy Father will have much more to learn. The Vicar of Jesus, in fact, has really shown the world, putting all himself, how we can achieve what he himself has called the revolution of God’s tenderness, endless, Love beyond all limits, believing in His grace.

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