Mercy is the love of God

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We are all poor, we need to feel loved and God does not make us miss this love. Poverty is a mystery that concerns us all human beings, is a feature fundamental for our existence which implies a real weakness and indigence, because if we are sincere, “no one is sufficient unto itself”, we all need help sooner or then. Poverty leads to the death, the limit, disease, hunger, it reveals to us that life was given to us and that we are creatures facing towards the Creator, the only one to which we can ask the meaning of this mysterious gift. For us, Christians, the Bible is God’s answer to this profound existential question, because he listens to our requests, see our misery, he cares, suffering and speaks with us, intervenes in our history of delivering us from evil chains . What great love!

Jesus teaching us the prayer “Our Father”, reveals the fatherly face of God and the fraternal face of every human person. Saint Paul, the Apostle of the peoples, exhorts all Christians to act according to the mercy of Jesus, the Son of God, who was not ashamed of his disciples and was a brother to all, announcing an irresistible love for those who are was humiliated and those who have fallen into sin or suffered wrongs. No misery is too profound because it will not apply mercy, because you can’t be borne by those who are excluded. Often we see brothers and sisters living in the streets, escaping from war countries or are enslaved, forced into a condition of extreme poverty, needing everything: food, clothing, affection, trust, understanding, friendship, real elements at the base of each life that can be lived with dignity.These sisters and brothers “meet too often the silence of indifference and egoism of those who are irritated” reminds us Pope Francis. The way to reach God is far from being just sentimental, St. Paul describes it in a very concrete and realistic way in his writings, in particular in the letter to the Corinthians (1 Cor 13).

The love to the Creator and the love to the brothers or are united and they are true, or are separated and are false. Santa Caterina defined God as a “crazy love” for his creatures! We can all choose to match the great love that gives us life in two directions: toward God and neighbor. The Bible clearly says that “we love, because he (God) has first loved us. “If anyone says, ‘I love God’, and he hates his brother, he is a liar. Who does not love his brother that he can see, he can’t love God whom he can’t see “(1 Jn 4.19 to 20).

Poor people announce the crucified love, the divine mercy that reaches everyone. The choice of mercy makes us get out of the trap of indifference and selfishness, it constitutes a concrete answer to all those who feel the injustice of leaving unbearable suffering in solitude who has none. It is the annihilation choice to love, is to put his shoulder under the cross of her sister and brother on the example of Jesus, because we all need someone to share joys and sorrows. The poor therefore reveal humble but, at the same time, great teachers of life.

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