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Some people eat gluten free for fashion, because they wrongly believes to lose weight, not thinking about fat and sugar contained in substitutes. And there are those who are forced into a glutenfree diet due to intolerance, hypersensitivity, or worse, allergy to the protein mixture. At these last is aimed a young writer of Treviso which in her books invites children to “never feeling different, but more sensitive and special.”

Vendrame Isabella, 33, born in Treviso but Roman by adoption, is a psychologist and an actress graduated at the Accademia of Dramatic Arts, TV host and radio presenter. Due to her need she has entered the gluten-free world, but she has been able to make this issue one of her point of strength. She has designed and produced a series of children’s tales, “Isa Gulp. Fables for everyone “, published by the publishing house of Milan 13Lab, so she promotes her books by understanding and experiencing herself  the inconvenience of celiac disease. Reading the label of any product in a supermarket it is assured that the main and inevitable ingredient is the wheat flour, the one used for excellence in pastries, pizzeria, or at the bakery.

Isabella Vendrame has published two books, “I and my friend glute (n). Journey to discover the cheerful cereal “and” Fables without glute (n). Color, explore, eat, have fun. ” “In my books I speak of celiac disease and gluten intolerance in a new way –  the writer said – trying to educate children and adults, making children play ”

Glute is the funny protein invented by Vendrame which has the task to help the sad grains, identified in the classic ones. “Wheat, barley, spelled and kamut that are not able to give softness and elasticity to their mixtures and that’s why they are always sad – it is written in the card 13Lab Publisher -. The bright grains, however, such as rice and corn, do everything themselves, and that’s why they make Glute happy and all those who eat them. ” In short, it is a journey to discover less known cereals to make several recipes, created by this imaginative pen.

“Glute was also called into Santa’s workshop to prepare cakes and treats for the holidays and  Epiphany stocking. The ingredients are all happy because on Christmas Day no child can have belly pain “. This is the new book, “Christmas with Glute” outgoing in these days where there are “12 recipes without gluten, lactose and proteins of milk, no eggs, natural yeast and honey, simple recipes but gratifying that I make all day in my kitchen, ” the writer of Treviso said.

Even Isabella Vendrame participated in the fourth edition of the “Gluten Free Days” which has landed in Rome, at the Salone delle Fontane last month in collaboration of the Hospital University Foundation  Agostino Gemelli – Catholic University of the Sacred Heart. The event was created and produced by Roberto Malfatto for Lanificio Factory We For 2016 non-profit organization, with the Lazio AIC (Italian Celiac Association of Lazio) and SuLLeali Communication Manager, and it has received the support of the Ministry of Health, Regione Lazio and the City of Rome.

Relevant numbers in these two-days event: four thousand visitors, 2 scientific medical conferences and four workshops dedicated to companies, 140 diagnostic screening of celiac disease, 20 doctors available for consultations, 10 psychologists to discuss nutrition, 43 companies in the exhibition who presented their products, 17 cooking classes with chefs glutenfree and 16 show cooking.

In scientific conferences also it has shed light on the correlation between celiac disease and some gynecological symptoms, endocrinology, rheumatology and gastroenterology. According to data of the Ministry of Health, which date back to December 31 of 2014, people with celiac disease diagnosed in Italy are 172,197; 3 people diagnosed, two are women. It is estimated that the number of undiagnosed celiac is of 427,803 people. 2015 data will be officially released by the Ministry at the end of the year, but we already know that the number of diagnosed celiac has considerably grown.

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