The truth is an optional, “post truth” is the word of the year

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“Post the truth”, that is, the tendency to consider more credible viral content published on social networks than those reported by traditional media. And ‘This is the word of the year according to the Oxford University who has entered the new word in his dictionary.

The truth, in short, is an independent variable, not an objective data. A trend which, if used properly, brings several advantages to those who can ride the network. Starting from political leaders who on the web have built its success, becoming the reference point for those who relies on fear to spread false news. Decisive for Oxford choice, were the Brexit and Donald Trump‘s victory, they have taken place, according to the reasoning of the university, just on the wave of “post-truth”.

So the expression describes, the attitude not only and not so much of who said the false, but who considers the difference between what is true and what is not as an optional: Spreading indifferently arguments meaningful or not – without worrying about making a check – depending on their purposes and interests of the moment. The concept has been invoked on several occasions in the course of the referendum campaign for the Brexit, fueled by the fears and numbers sometimes clearly implausible. And even more so during the battle that allowed Trump to defeat Hillary Clinton, in the race for the White House. Now it has done the same thing even among the guardians of the language governing the care of Oxford’s dictionary.

“Post-truth,” report the BBC, it has prevailed in a final short list that included, among other things “brexiteer” (supporter of Brexit). It is, moreover, ruled Casper Grathwohl, one of the components of oxford commission, “a word that could define our time.”

It should however be said that the expression is not exactly contemporary. To coin it, although with a meaning a little ‘different, seems to have been 25 years ago, the writer and screenwriter Serbian-American Steve Tesich. A confirmation of the fact that basically the phenomenon precedes the use – in the scandal of the culture, politics and mainstream media – have made it to the outsider Trump or Nigel Farage: taking advantage, in the virtual world of the web, echo planetary indistinct social network and similar. The roots are perhaps use concepts now current (but once unthinkable) as “humanitarian war”, “export of democracy” or “embedded journalists”: children of a Orwellian Newspeak in which the post-truth now makes a final tribute. The Ministry of Truth exists.

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