Doubts about Giuliani’s nomination: first sparkles in the Trump staff

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First ill-feeling in Trump magic circle. The government team that will support the new US president tempers among the loyalists of the tycoon, burned. An internal conflict which is also reflected on the line to give the new US administration despite the promise of a “commercial revolution” that “break with the globalist wings of both Republicans and Democrats to” to give the impression of his first 200 days of work .

The case Giuliani

To divide is in particular the role to be assigned to Rudy Giuliani. Trump wants to assign him that of secretary of state. But some, on the staff of tycoon, have pointed out the potential conflict of interests of the former mayor of New York, after considering the advisory activities carried out by Giuliani in key countries, such as Hugo Chavez’s Venezuela and Saudi Arabia. It was already discussed in 2007 when the Italian-American politician had tried his race for the White House.

Weak point

Today, however, underscores of press sources have amplified effect after the entire election campaign Trump and his entourage have taken on the Clinton Foundation and the doubts on its list of donors, presented as an insurmountable limit to the credibility of Democratic rival Hillary Clinton then defeated. But also promise to dismantle those gray areas where they meet in Washington politics and large interests represented by an army of lobbyists.

The other nodes

The organization focusing on policy Foreign and the new White House national security emerges then in the middle of an internal struggle that is likely to slow more than necessary the transition process toward the settlement on 20 January.Sources speak of deadlock and confusion overt, the symbol of which is the withdrawal from the transition team (according to some has been downloaded) Mike Rogers, former congressman who chaired the House intelligence committee. In recent days, Chris Christie had been put aside and the task was entrusted to elected vice president Mike Pence gaze in Washington, but not enough. Among the faithful is also ruled Ben Carson, who says he does not want a place in the administration for lack of experience in government, it seems, however, that no proposal in that sense it was still came .In limbo at the moment it is also Kellyanne Conway, the latest of several leaders of the campaign changed by Trump during the race (including Corey Lewandoski on which it seems there is even an explicit veto).

Ryan confirmed

Meanwhile on Capitol Hill the sky clears, at least apparently, with clouds torn by Paul Ryan confirmation for appointment to a second term as Speaker of the House. They voted unanimously Republicans deputies and confirmation is expected in January by a vote of the entire classroom. But the die is cast for Ryan, ready to be the Speaker of the era and Trump ‘s “unifier”. This was confirmed by him in his first outing after the election of the tycoon, saying: “Welcome the dawn of a new Republican government joined”

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