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It’s hard to think of a situation degraded like drug addiction in terms “classist”, but the outskirts of the suburbs exist. The buzz to leave a chronic situation of poverty, or despair, that it does not cost anything, in terms of money. But unfortunately it costs a high price in human lives.

It happens in Turkey, where there is an ongoing real massacre of poor and migrants because a synthetic drug that is gaining ground in the lower sections of Turkish society, leaving behind shattered lives. The substance started to spread in many disadvantaged neighborhoods of Istanbul‘s working class areas that often have a majority Kurdish population, and they are traditionally characterized by high levels of unemployment and poverty.

But also in Bulgaria, where every summer thousands of Afghans arrive passing by land from Turkey and then get stuck. They spend the afternoon in the city park in the shadow of the mosque, where they smoke a synthetic drug that call bonzas (or bonzai), with serious consequences for their health.

The effect lasts a quarter of an hour, but it is immediate: at the second cigarette puff. These are usually of synthetic marijuana, grass of all kinds which were sprayed drugs. The bonzai is sold in the off-license shops around the city, in the light of the sun. Seems dry grass and technically it is and for this reason it is very cheap.

A small plastic bag containing from two to five grams and its price is around 10 Bulgarian lev, 5 Euro. About a quarter of natural marijuana. But, as we will see, you can find more even at lower costs. With very high health risks.

“The first generation of synthetic cannabinoids – explains Professor Fabrizio Schifano of the University of Hertfordshire, specializing in psychiatry and clinical drug – had a capacity five to 10 times higher than that of THC in cannabis. Now these latest generation arrive up to 10,000 times the power. Among other things, the pharmacology of the synthetic cannabinoids is much more complex than normal cannabis. Because the normal cannabis only acts on cannabinoid receptors, while several synthetic cannabinoids actually also work on other receptors. Including serotonin, the noradreanlina … ”

In short, a total buzz for zero cost. One way to escape from reality, a stratagem that the drug lords use to make cash even picking up the last change of these desperate. Whose life, already difficult, falls into hell.

At first people thought it was an amazing harmless plant, so even those who consumed cannabis before ended by consuming this substance. In 2012 the authorities have realized the extent of this new trend and have begun to exercise strict customs controls, making bonzai contraband harder.

Therefore, the Turkish drug traffickers have begun to produce an imitation, working not the original cannabis, but other vegetables sprinkled with a number of hazardous chemicals, such as insecticides and, according to some sources, rat poison, entering the surrogate market to a tenth the cost of the original bonzai. Passed off as such, but much more dangerous than that.

it is a descent into hell. increasingly dirty drugs to an increasingly poor and desperate market. The lower ring of an already deformed chain; the use of drugs in fact, even in the modern West, fattens crime and ruin families. It ‘s amazing just to think, but also in the terrible world of drugs are the last ones, the poor, the defenseless.

Who assumes the bonzai is sick, very sick: vomiting, dizziness, nausea, loss of lucidity, hallucinations and difficulty speaking. Sometimes people die. And the sad thing is that many prefer to follow this way, unable to imagine a way out of the abandonment in a poverty that crushes them.

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