The Pope at the Angelus: “we must not be fooled, God never leaves us” Today is the Italian Day of thanksgiving for earth's fruits and of human work

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“Our life can not be lost because it is in the hands of the Lord.” This is what assures Pope Francis during today’s Angelus in St. Peter’s Square. Jesus, said the Pope, knows that “there is always those who speculate on the human need of certainties” and warns of the many “false messiah” that “even today there are” exhorting his disciples to “not to frighten and disorient by wars , revolutions and disasters “, because they are part” of the reality of this world, too. ”

“The Church’s history is full of examples of people who have supported terrible suffering and tribulations with serenity, because they had the knowledge of being firmly in the hands of God. He is a faithful Father, is a caring Father, who does not abandon his children . God never abandons us! Never! And we must have this certainty in our heart: God never leaves us, “he assured.

Reflecting on the Gospel of Luca dedicated to Jesus ‘discourse’ on the last times, “the Pontiff underlined that Christ wants to make us understand, “that the human constructions,” even the most sacred “are” transitory “ and we should not put in them our security. “How many we supposed to be certainties in our lives and then it proved ephemeral! Moreover, how many problems seemed without exit and then they have been exceeded. ”

The task of the Christian community is to “reach out to the ‘Lord’s Day'”, trusting to Virgin Mary: “To stand firm in the Lord, in this certainty that he never abandons us, to walk in hope, work to build a better world despite the difficulties and the sad events that mark our personal and collective life, this is what really counts. ”

A thought, finally, the Jubilee of Mercy in the Holy Doors closing day in the cathedral churches in all the dioceses of the world: “The Holy Year has encouraged us to keep our eyes fixed toward the fulfillment of the Kingdom of God and, on ‘other, to build the future of this land, working to evangelize the present, so that it becomes a time of salvation for all. ”

On the other hand, God, still remembers Francis, “leads our history and he knows the ultimate end of things and events”: because it is under the merciful gaze of the Lord, the Pope assures that “the story unfolds in its flow uncertain and in its interweaving of good and evil “and all that happens is preserved in him.

Immediately after the Angelus, the Italian Day of thanksgiving for the fruits of the earth and of human work, the Pope expressed the hope that mother earth it is “increasingly cultivated in a sustainable manner”. “The Church is next with sympathy and gratitude to the agricultural world and encourages us not to forget those who, in various parts of the world, are deprived of essential goods such as food and water.” So he greeted many pilgrims in St. Peter’s Square, thanking in particular “the associations that in these days have driven the Jubilee of marginalized people”, and he recalled that this week has been returned to the devotion of the faithful “the most old wooden crucifix of the Basilica of San Pietro “, dating from the fourteenth century:” After a laborious restoration it has been restored to its former splendor and will be placed in the Blessed Sacrament chapel to commemorate the Jubilee of Mercy “.

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