Hold on Trump

  • Italiano

The American dream seems to become a nightmare. People goes down in the streets, although too late to oppose the election of Trump and is the first time that the super Nation, defined as the first democracy in the world, does not recognize its own president. Anyay It is also ending the exemplary units formed around the new elected.

Even Italians’ analysts are funny, cause they appear shocked by the unexpected outcome of the US presidential elections. Some journalism and the professional pollsters have once again proven to be far from the thought and people‘s will.

People no longer gives credit to media pressure, because the age of master communication, manipulative and dictatorial in many countries has almost completed. Many people still have not understood what the online world is dominant, able to subdue the State TV and newspapers, now followed only by bureaucrats and devoted. It should worry, rather, our ongoing sense of inferiority compared to the Us’ policy.

Americans actually have loved an election campaign so controversial because basically belongs to their way of being. The two contenders have played on people’s shoulders making a show without precedent. Politics is always mixed with the show, with special effects and with the telenovelas. The same goes for jokes, prepared gaffes and slogans (increasingly discounted). All this has served to keep the tension high and the polemics much appreciated overseas.

Meanwhile, for those who have not yet understood it, people no longer follows the Democrats or the Republicans but only the need for change. The communication has once again proven to be the servant of the most powerful, forced to recite the obscenities most compromising. Most of the press wanted to make the people believe that Clinton had victory in hand, pressed to the success of the former First Lady. But this has not happened. And this shows how much authority has lost the traditional media system.

And now many of those who have influenced these days are unnecessarily parading for American streets to protest against the election of Trump.But this is the democracy. The majority have decreed the victory of the Republican candidate. After all we know that the two rivals were friends, they were attending and they had not so many different ambitions.

What let us stunned is the low level that reached North America endorsing since the primary characters so ambiguous and not very credible. Yet in the US there are so many profound people, competent and extraordinary … excelled families and also a lively and sincere Christianity. Certainly the future of this country will not do only the tycoon now president. Meanwhile, as Suetonius wrote “IACT alea est” and that the nut was pulled and then between favor and against, it just has to stick to Trump.

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