The slaughter of values

  • Italiano

A boy of 16, 18 and another 20 years old. In three days, have returned to the Father’s house, leaving behind them as much dismay, anguish, weeping. Three different stories but have the same terrible approach to life, made of a mixture of unconsciousness and superficiality, often children of inner solitude. it is unthinkable to die minors crossing the tracks of a station with headphones ear so stunned by the music without hearing the train coming; but it happened, in Bagheria. It is equally absurd to die just 18years to escape from the police by not stopped at a checkpoint, but it happened in Rome. And again, crashing due to excessive speed, at 20 years, against a wall of an hotel and there  ends any future dream, as happened in Naples.

We can all declassified as “isolated cases“, speaking of “fatality”, saying that “this has always happened.” But no. We must ask ourselves why our children are so distracted, why they put the headphones in their ears up to estrange them from the rest of the world (and many guys do it from inside the house, even from breakfast time, even without interacting with mom and dad); we must ask ourselves what motivates many young people to transgress just for the sake of doing it, without having the sense of what you are going to do, even to go against traffic on the road is perceived as a possible thing. Or still run at high speed unable to predict that dark future that is just around the last corner.

I disagree with those who say that young people are undisciplinated by nature, they feel omnipotent, invincible; or rather, it is a latent attitude in every teenager, but which must be mediated by education, limits that society itself imposes, from family dialogue. Three elements that are disappearing in today’s world, in which the value of the family is canceled, the dialogue is missing and shared rules are no longer effective, permeated by the underlying relativism that prevents to distinguish good from evil. To Run fast until crashing is not a declination of personal freedom, it is an offense to life itself. And the victim is not only the poor guy who dies, but his whole family, and society itself, both unable to enter the wavelength required to open the minds of our young guys.

A teenager who loses his life is always a tragedy, but when he does it for these reasons we can not absolve invoking destiny. We are the architects of our destiny, discernment is in our strings, and lights are used to illuminate the road are those values of which now it is even hard to talk. In darkness, metaphorical or real, there is no future.

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