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Over 100 millions of Americans go to the polls in the next hours to elect the forty-fifth president of the United States. Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. Two characters ever so antithetical, in programs and in the background. The Republican candidate is the new face of US policy. Behind him a financial empire that allowed him to amass a personal fortune estimated between 4.5 (according to Forbes) and 9 (for the Washington Post) billion dollars.

Won the nomination of the “Grand Old Party” with an oceanic consent (almost 13 and a half million votes, an absolute record for “the little elephant”), Trump tackles for the first time the race to the White House. His political commitment is fairly recent. In 2008 he announced his support for the Republican candidate John McCain, then defeated by Barack Obama. Two years after the CNN  broadcast “American Morning” he affirms the possibility to take the field of tycoon neyorchese before the vote in 2012. But is the same Trump, however, to deny the rumors, claiming to be “not ready to leave the private sector “. And in the later primaries he supports the ultra-conservative Newt Gingrich against Mitt Romney. In 2015 the possibility of a candidacy for the US presidency becomes reality: in a big event in the Trump Tower in New York the tycoon officially announces his intention to run for the Republican nomination in view of Us Election 2016.

Clinton, by contrast, eating bread and politics since the early commitment of husband Bill public. In 1993 she became First Lady of the United States, an honor she held until 2001, when it concludes the second and final term of Clinton. Hillary is one of the first wife of an American president that she is not limited to ceremonial, she intervenes, advises and carves out an important role in the Oval Office. So much so that, maliciously, in those years someone asks which Clinton is the actual head of state. Closed the experience in Washington, finished the last problems with the “Sexgate” (Bill extramarital affair with Monica Lewinski), Hillary dedicates her to his passion for politics. In 2001 she became senator of New York State, a position she held until 2009, when Barack Obama appointed her Secretary of State. “She made me a better president” recently acknowledged to her the current occupant of the White house.

Americans are called to decide between a neophyte or an establishment daughter. Between an extreme view, and in some ways controversial, politics and a return to the past. Because Clinton is not Obama. She is not “hope” or “yes we can”. And she could not have that empathy with the people that the outgoing president has been able to win in 8 years of success, in terms of economic policy and the recovery of that American pride severely damaged by the crisis and mistakes (some would say horrors) of George W. Bush.

“Americans will not choose the best, but the least bad” is the leitmotif repeated by overseas policy experts. And this decision will rely mainly to the programs of the two candidates. Protectionist the Trump one, progressive the rival. The economic policy of Donald revolves around three points: debt reduction, tax cut to benefit businesses and middle class and increase jobs. Hillary, on the other hand, proposes a tax reform to encourage foreign investment and incentives for small business owners through a simplification of bureaucracy.

Regarding energy supplies, according to Trump, global warning it is all a “Joke”, he does not see any credible alternatives to fossil fuels for the revival of industry. Clinton, said  she wants to continue focusing on renewable, although more cautiously than Obama did. On foreign policy the diversity of views is total. Trump, promise a total Isis defeat, he is in favor of improving relations with Russia and China, to an increase in contributions to NATO allies, a reduction of sending troops abroad “except when absolutely necessary” and the implementation of measures to prevent Iran from having nuclear power. Clinton, however, does not point to a recovery of relations with Moscow, she supports the need for maintaining or increasing penalties for the Ukrainian crisis. she has a completely opposite view on Syria than the Kremlin. She wants to strengthen the US position inside NATO and pick up the thread of relations with Israel, having criticized the actions of Obama, in favor of Palestine.

Trump ideas are extreme about immigration front. The Republican candidate wants to build a wall on the southern border (the one with Mexico), abolish the citizenship by birth, Trump only wants americans for leading positions, a plan to improve employment, wages and safety only for Americans. Clinton,at the contrary, proposes a comprehensive immigration reform that protects the rights of migrants, considered fundamental for economic growth.

The two programs have been objects of an election campaign ever so poisoned. In order  To discredit her opponent the former First Lady has painted Trump as a male, after allegations of sexual harassment by 8 women. The tycoon, having dusted off “Sexgate,” has staked everything on the scandal of the “Mailgate”, that is, the use by the former Secretary State of a private mail box to sending and receiving confidential communications . Both events have affected the polls, with Clinton (running at high speed until a few weeks ago) that has progressively shrinking consensus around her name. The latest survey ABC / Washington Post, the Republican candidate is leading by 5 points over his rival (48% to 43%). But in a country where the electorate is increasingly liquid take for certain the Clinton victory it is a risky operation. The undecided are many and the game is still open in the “Swing States”, those states that in the American system are crucial for victory. It will be a challenge to the last vote for both of them.

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