US election, tomorrow time X. Last poisons before the vote The presidential elections are decided by the vote of each State

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We are going to get ” time X”,so “the greatest country in the world” will decide who will have the codes of red briefcase with which to trigger a global nuclear war. Domestic economic policy and foreign relations, this is the supreme responsibility to act as kingmaker. No one speaks enough about it , but it is a fact that who will sit in the Oval Office will have the power to decide to use it or not.

The US presidential election in 2016 will be held tomorrow, Tuesday, November 8th. when Americans will vote for their forty-fifth president. The challenge for the succession of Barack Obama will be played mainly between Hillary Clinton, the Democratic candidate, and Donald Trump, the Republican candidate. The polls reveal uncertain election, although the former Secretary of State appears to be favored, in the national vote and in the swing states too.

FBI: no accusation for Clinton over email

After she went in difficulty for the announcement of new investigations about her position (so much to see considerably reduced the gap from the rival), a few hours from the vote Hillary Clinton smiles: the head of the FBI, James Comey, has not delivered accusation in the matter of the email. Therefore, the investigations on Emailgate apply the same conclusions in July. “We have not changed it,” said Comey, as reported by Jason Chaffetz, Republican congressman.

Trump: system corrupt as Clinton

Really bad Trump reaction:“Hillary Clinton is protected by a rigged system”. A few hours from the vote, it is a blow to the tycoon; in fact there are still a dozen states “in doubt”. “If the Opinion of ‘FBI remain unchanged, means that Clinton continues to be careless and imprudent and she continues to have lied about secret information,” said Donald Trump’ electoral staff.

Trump again : “Clinton is guilty”

Then the Republican candidate adds: “Now it’s up to the Americans to do justice in the polls on November 8. Clinton is guilty. She knows it, the FBI knows it and people too, “said Trump in a rally in Sterling Heights, Michigan. “It ‘s amazing, it’s impossible to examine 650,000 emails in eight days. There is a totally falsified system.

How to win

The presidential elections are decided by the vote of each State. The candidate who reaches the relative majority in 48 of 50 states, and in Washington DC, wins all the electoral votes awarded by a State. Only Maine and Nebraska distribute their electoral votes according to the winning candidate in each of their congressional districts.

The electoral mechanism based on the competition in every state has an important influence on the presidential campaign.Candidates aiming most of their financial and organizational resources to win in so-called swing or battleground States, States in balance, become decisive for the attainment of the 270 electoral votes.

The final hours

Up to Monday night Hillary and Trump will be both on stage.Barack and Michelle Obama will reach Clinton in Pennsylvania for the great end, while Trump will be surrounded by the whole family and he will make a final episode in Florida before moving to the Hilton New York on Tuesday night, not only to vote but to take part in what his campaign has already dubbed “the winning party”.

In addition to electing the president of the United States for the next four years, Tuesday, November 8 America also renewed the 435 deputies of the Chamber who remain in office for two years as well as 34 of the 100 senators who make up the Senate and which instead have a 6 years mandate.

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