Vaccines’ Mystery

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There are two opposing schools of thought which for years have been in battle. The data are clear: in Italy there are less children vaccinated. According to recent estimates sharply decreased were the prophylaxis against measles and rubella, under the 95% threshold, minimun limit recommended by the World Health Organization to ensure population immunity. According to the UN agency, in fact, if at least 95% of the population is vaccinated, indirectly we can protect all those who, for health reasons, can not undergo the treatment.

The progressive decrease of vaccinations, however, it could cause dangerous epidemic outbreaks of diseases currently under control or, at worst, cause the reappearance of pathologies no longer circulating in our country. The president of the republic Sergio Mattarella few days ago spoke about this problem and through his words there are no more doubts about it. “We must immediately counteract  serious regressions, as it happens, for example, when we put into question, on the basis of wild statements, baseless, essential vaccinations to eradicate dangerous and to prevent the return of other diseases, eradicated in the past years.” The Head of State then said that about public health “must be rigorous and we have to use steadiness when the choice directly affects the life of a child as any person and it has consequences for the health condition of the whole society.”

Regarding this the ” WHO “ emphasizes that in many cases vaccinations have prevented the diffusion of dangerous epidemics. According to the Ministry of Health, in 2015 the average coverage for vaccinations against polio, tetanus, diphtheria, hepatitis B, pertussis and Haemophilus influenzae, was 93.4% (94.7%, 95.7%, 96, 1 respectively in 2014, 2013 and 2012). Although there are important differences between the Italian regions, only 6 are able to overcome the 95% threshold for the anti-polio vaccination (Basilicata, Abruzzo, Lazio, Calabria, Piemonte and Sardinia), while 11 are even below 94%.

The cause of this dramatic decline is to be found in fear, inculcated in parents, that vaccines can cause other serious diseases such as autism. Gianluca Nicoletti, journalist and writer, Tommy’s dad, an autistic boy of 18 years said: “I’m doing a strenuous battle to keep people from creating the connection relationship between the vaccine and autism and I can speak from personal experience. Autism is a neuro developmental issue “He is currently working on the creation of “Tommy and the other” a film that wants to tell the world seen by autistic children. “The families – he continues – are deceived by real charlatans who say that autism be cured with diets and with a drip that remove heavy metals from the blood, with homeopathic treatments and a range of treatments that would remove the poison of vaccines. It’s an ugly market that takes place behind the family without cultural tools to make people understand that autism is actually a problem of neuro development, and has nothing to do with the vaccines. Do homeopathic care is lost time and sometimes very dangerous; I have seen families ruined in this direction, I suggest you to do what the scientific community believes more correct. I believe in a scientific truth. ”

Dr. Roberto Buriosi, professor of virology and microbiology, specialist in clinical immunology and author of the book “The vaccine is not an opinion”,said: “be vaccinated is not only an act of personal protection, but an act of social responsibility. A recent statistic says that even parents who vaccinate their children, in 50% of cases they do it in the fear that this might cause autism, incredible thing because science is so clear: there is no relationship between the vaccine and the ‘ autism who has, instead, a genetic basis. ”

Meanwhile, last Saturday in Rome was held on the “National Day to say No to the mandatory vaccines “, promoted by the new “Committee on October 29” to be held in Rome on Saturday, 29 October. The organization, as it reads by the COMILVA site, the Italian Movement Coordination for the freedom of vaccination, “it is formed of thousands of families who have suffered the most profound drama in their lives: a child severely damaged or dead post vaccines, with the intent to create a working groups including doctors, authorities and experts belonging to different schools of thought. The goal is to clarify, inform and give full answers, reassure new parents while having the awareness of risk in the administration of vaccines. The Committee is not against vaccines, but cries out, to all competent authorities, greater responsibility, in order to give proper and correct information, improve the efficiency evaluation on each young patient’s health if it can receive whether or not a vaccine, delaying the administration of vaccines in time, but above all to have full knowledge and awareness of what are the risks. “

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