Real heroes to imitate

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November 1, the Church celebrates the feast of All Saints. In these days everyone, even non-believers, are invited to deepen the knowledge of life and the vicissitudes of the many martyrs and blessers that have marked the history of Christianity. The saints are people like us who, before converting, they were also great sinners.They were men of great faith who have provided practical examples to follow and imitate in order to build the Kingdom of God on this earth, sending us the beauty and the power of holiness and eternity language.The saints, separated from evil and immersed in God’s justice are those who have reached the pinnacle of their existence passing into the fullness of love.There is a huge group of martyrs and missionaries who have spent their entire lives to follow the footsteps of Jesus without compromise and with great fidelity. Those who meet a Christian he expects to see the light of God on his own face because he made sanctity, his true identity.

It would be important to recall the lives of the saints, speak with enthusiasm to young people, enhance the good they have done … But it often happens that a kind of pseudo-culture, depressed and depressing, take care to propagate the more negative aspects of life basking in representing evil, deviant behavior, despair.

it is necessary, indeed, urgent, recover and promote a culture of life, which, with its beauty, offers examples and hope to the many models immersed in what Pope Francis has called a “culture of death”, now dominant, and Halloween is a tool and a demonstration. The festival of pumpkins is, in fact, a party for empty pumpkins.

Certainly many of educators, teachers, catechists, parents, religious and priests should ask themselves how much passion you put to instill and transmit this healthy culture of the beauty of life, or perhaps because, remaining silent, we will not become accomplices of a world that wants to impose more and more the absence of God. the Christian feast of all Saints is an opportunity for everyone to move towards the true love as well as the commemoration of the dead is the best way to remember and respect those who have passed through life without end.

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