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In a famous text, Essay on the mystery of time, Daniélou says: “On one side, Christianity is in history. It appears in a particular moment in the development of historical events. It is part of the plot of total history. In this sense it is an object of knowledge for the historian who describes, as emerges in the series of observable historical facts. But the story is in Christianity; profane history is part of the sacred history, for it, if ever, it is a part in a whole which is a preparation. ”

Big events, as well as individual daily events get covered in a veil of mystery. We can not look to the past and future events with only the eyes of pure rationality. With the Incarnation, in fact, the story is upset, or rather, recapitulated. God and man have met, they hugged, they are forever reconciled. Everything, in this way, is dyed Infinite; an Infinite that you can only see if we can enter deeply into the deepest wounds of reality. To do this we need to do a work of purification, of interior and exterior discernment.We must purify our minds, our hearts, our view, all of ourselves to be able to see the face of God reflected in everything, especially in the homo victor: man who is willing to leave everything to venture into that walk through the streets of the world in search of the Truth, Justice, Peace,God’s ...love.

To live in this way we must have a good view. You need to know how to see beyond appearances to be able to see the face of Christ truly present in all people, especially the poor. We must, as an expression of Metz – recovery from his Mystical text of open eyes. For a concrete and responsible spirituality – “watch, watch over, open your eyes.”

Christianity, Metz continues, “it must be first of all a school of seeing, of looking ahead, and faith must be a suit for men with open eyes , eyes for others, first of all for those who are usually invisible in the horizon of what is familiar to us. ”

The mystical experience is not so much in having extraordinary visions, but in having a new vision of all reality, a new vision of the world, discovering God as its ultimate truth, as his living foundation, actuating and ever new.
According to Metz, “mysticism is a mysticism that seeks the face, which leads first to the meeting with others who are suffering, to the encounter with the face of the unhappy and victims” is a mystic who obeys “to those who suffer” first of all.

The mystic with open eyes, open his eyes well to perceive all reality, because he knows that the last dimension of all reality is inhabited by someone, by God. He relates to the world realizing of God’s signs that fill all of Creation with his incessant action, with its fascinating endless creativity.In this see in this eye-opening, resides what the human eye sees or can see is the thickness of the same human and “The Creation” as a place of revelation of the invisible God.

It is from this experience that warms our hearts and gives us new eyes to see the world and the others in a new way, we are called to set out on the streets of the world witnessing what we saw:”who was from the beginning, the one which we have heard, the one that we have seen with our own eyes, the one who looked upon and touched with our hands, that is, the word of life – since life manifested and we have seen it, and we bear witness and proclaim to you this eternal life that was with the Father and was made visible to us – the one we have seen and heard proclaim also to you, so that you also may have fellowship with us;

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