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In 2015, Italy went on the welcome podium, placing almost like Germany for percentage of migrants on the national population: 5 million and a half, or 8, 3 percent, foreigners residing in our country, of which just one and a half million European citizens, 35 million of the total European Union, of which nearly 20 million from non-EU countries. In just one year, 250 thousand people have been registered, including family reunions and business purposes and study, 154 thousand are landed in terrible journeys of hope, coming mostly from Syria, Eritrea, Nigeria, Somalia, New Guinea, Libya.

Only in the last few days, at least 12 thousand people have been recovered in the Strait of Sicily, while the Mediterranean Sea is now a cemetery and our coasts a mortuary under the sky. On 3 October, it celebrated the first National Day in memory of the victims of immigration, to commemorate the death of so many innocent brothers in desperate conditions.Over 167 thousand refugees are hosted in our residential establishments. Refugees are just under 120 thousand. The presence of immigrants has multi-religious character, but, against all prejudices, the majority of immigrants in Italy come from countries with a Christian tradition and the Christians are the absolute majority. Just over 30 percent are Muslim, Jews, Hindus and Buddhists are about 7 percent, agnostics and atheists around 5 percent.

Last year, 72 thousand children were born in Italy to foreign parents. Are almost 2 million and a half of Italian families with at least one foreign member, and currently are a million and 150 thousand Italian citizens of foreign origin, with an estimate that they get to be more than 6 million in the next three decades.

These are the numbers presented in the Statistical Report on Immigration 2016, by the Centre for the Study and Idos research and interfaith magazine “Comparisons” in partnership between the Department of Equal Opportunities of the Presidency, the National Bureau anti-racial discrimination , with the support of eight per thousand to the Waldensian church, presented yesterday in Rome.

Immigrants in Italy coming from, in order: Romania, Albania, Morocco, China, Ukraine, the Philippines, India. Lombardy has the highest immigration rate: more than one million and 150 thousand, accounting for 12 percent of the population and one fifth of immigrants in our country. Followed by Lazio, Emilia Romagna, Veneto, Piedmont. The Valle D’Aosta has the fewest.

The third millennium man is a migrant. Over 240 million people live in different countries  from that of birth. Of these, more than 65 million immigrants are “forced”, including refugees (over 21 million), asylum seekers (about 3 million) and refugees. According to UNHCR data, every minute about 24 people in the world are forced to leave their homes, loved ones and the living environment, to escape from unbearable situations, life-threatening, hunger or war, deprivation of liberty. The majority of immigrants are in the European continent (about 77 million, more than a third of the world’s immigrants).

The number of Italian emigrants abroad is substantially equal, perhaps higher than immigrants, just over 5 million, and the national population is reduced progressively and constantly since the crisis began.

Migration flows are largely uncontrolled, this is the greatest danger for people  safety and  discrimination risk, partly caused by fear. We need, therefore, policies and strategies of inclusion, valuing the contribution that immigration makes to economic development of Italian society.

From a UK survey conducted by the agency Ipsos Mori, Italy is among the countries with more prejudices towards immigrants due to wrong perceptions or information, which mean, in general, an overestimation of the attendance and the state costs for immigrants. The cost / benefit ratio is favorable for the public purse, and the percentage of foreign residents is that we can not in any way  speak of an invasion. They are just under 2 and a half million foreign workers, about 500 thousand unemployed. Entrepreneurship grows, in support of work systems and local production. The truth of the facts, in short, is a resounding slap to all racism disguised rationality.

Pope Francis said in, october 27, Homily at Domus Sanctae Marthae:” today God weeps in front of disasters, wars done only for money, innocent killed, the arms dealers and those who sell the life of the people, God weeps in the face of human suffering, of so many brothers who seek asylum and comfort in a foreign land. “So many times I wanted to gather your children together, as a hen does with her chicks under her wings, but you didn’t want. ” So  the Holy Father recalled to each Christian his commitment to fraternity and, therefore, the reception of citizens in humanity, though with a foreign passport. However, immigration shouldN’T take place in an uncontrolled way. The obligation remains for the political authorities and institutions to management of migration flows and a policy of integration and intelligent and rational integration, in collaboration with other European Union countries.

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