Who is the real teacher

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It all depends from the look:you are educators when the boys aren’t seen only as simple students, good or donkeys, repeaters or disabled, when you are able to see in them people who really are, in their overall size, with specific ability, with projects to reveal.

It’s the look that makes the difference between the teacher and the educator. Watching the boys as learning objects (notions or behaviors it does not change) means giving up discovering the variety of emotional, sentimental, relational, creative, spiritual, and consequently fail or distort the educational relationship with them.

Being educators means helping the boys to pull out all the riches they have inside, made of special gifts, special, different. Who owns the ability in mathematics or sport, who knows how to deep reflections, who is able to create happiness, optimism or tenderness, someone who is sensitive to the nature or music …

Being educators leads to extraordinary discoveries about the guys, to understand the presence of magnificent reality in development. There are more educational levels of skill, there is no longer an handicap. There are differences that are gifts for others.

WE MUST HAVE a different look, not a  teaching one  that seeks and rewards some selected types of intelligence and relates them through blocking communication with those who have less than them. It must be a deep look, free from secondary intentions, free from prefabricated adult projects, a free look, love for life.

Through this gratuity lens the teacher educator can open up otherwise inaccessible worlds and make them available for the enrichment of the other companions, parents, himself. Only in tho way teaching can flourish and develop on the basis of rich and concrete experiences that depart from life and come back to it as internalization and personal growth.

The methodology is to live meaningful experiences, tools are dialogue and work together, instructional topics for more frequent meetings. The teacher becomes the one who inspires everything, which is at the same level of his boys, their needs, their ability to stimulate them to grow, to develop their ability , to promote diversity. Around him they create friendship, solidarity, confidence, their personal difficulties are dealt with serenity, the inevitable conflicts acquire trust in others, hope in the future and desire to research.

The teacher becomes something more, an important figure, an authoritative reference (not authoritarian), a teacher of life. Beyond the errors he commits, all faults that he owns, the guys see in him the free look, the respect and the love he has for them, the consistency of his behavior.

The same union, the same dialogue and cooperation that the teacher requires from his boys he will try to have with them, with the other teachers and with parents. The guys see in him the search for truth in which he committed his professionalism, his way of working, to meet with other educators, to train professionally.

Even the manager, under the same conditions, can be an educator and a teacher of life, sensible and open to the kids needs, coordinator and promoter of an educational community to the school. A vital community, mandatory to be credible for young people and families. A new way to be teachers and leaders based on building the school together with families and young people according to a shared project, measures of people and reality.

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