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Halloween night is coming and it has seen a real boom of  opinions about  Father Francesco Bamonte article  (President IEA), “Talk the leader of the exorcists: beware on Halloween,” published last year on “in Terris” and it has gained immense popularity. Many readers have minimized the dangers of this worldly celebration, saying that the article is the result of a “traditionalist” and “conservative” vision of our society. It seems, in fact, the axiom prevail again “every opportunity is good to celebrate”, regardless of what is celebrated and the risks involved.

But Halloween can not be underestimated and this newspaper can not afford this. On the night of October 31 are mixed arguments that, even in freedom of conscience, a good Christian can not accept. Starting from the enormous induced by the product, and waste. According to a study published in the US in 2010 around Halloween businessman in America is about $ 6 million, making this event the most conspicuous of the country after Christmas. One hundred and twenty million Americans buy masks and tricks to participate in the evenings. 35 million of these are children who then go door to door to ask: “Trick or treat?”. Not to mention the traditionally consumed food business (or used in any other way) in this period. We sold around 16,000 tons of “candy corn” (a candy with form and color as  a corn grain ), almost half of the production of bonbon of the year. And the impact on the production of Halloween pumpkins, to which the United States are the largest producers in the world. 50% of 680 000 tonnes put on the market each year is  purchased at the ” the witches’ night.” Of these, however, only a portion is actually consumed, while the rest is mostly destined to become the spectral lamp with a candle in his mouth. A huge food waste, a slap to world hunger.

In Italy the turnover is obviously lower, but it is not irrelevant. Although this is a recurrence imported from Anglo-Saxon world, it has managed, since the early years of this decade, to permeate all layers of our society, as if it existed for centuries. Just few people seem to notice the absurdity of this esoteric celebration passed off as carnival autumn. In 2010, the horror feast is recorded revenue for merchants, 400 million euro. They spent 50 million JUST for the pumpkins . In subsequent years, characterized by the economic crisis, this segment recorded a minimum contraction of around 10%. In short, the greater poverty and the high rate of unemployment, which would have recommended more considered expenses, THEY have not turned off the craze for Halloween, evidently become indispensable for Italians, particulary young people. In 2012 revenues reached 300 million euro. Spent 9 million people for treats, dinners, pumpkins and costumes.

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