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Bated breath, silence. Only the delicate sound of the ball rolling from one side to the other, the ball slips sweeping the pins. There is no defeat in this fall, rather the opposite: the victory, the point, the redemption of an entire game. Those pins are put on again, they are ready for the next challenge on what, from their small point of view, it is the immense field where “move.” Impossible to know what it will happen and to have the vision of what’s on the other side. But it is in the middle of the game, and raised the fallen, every time. There is the whole metaphor of life in the pool game, even if the protagonist is a tetraplegic disable.

Luca Bucchi who just turned 50 years old, until he was 19 years old, he was a force of nature. Parachutist of the” Folgore”, he saw change his life not for a launch from a plane but for a dip in the shallow water. A blow to the spine has modified its existence. He has always been enthusiast about the pool game, he said:”since I did not go to school because i wanted to play with my friends”. He felt like the red pin at the center of the playing floor. Only, he laid back, unable to get up. He had fallen, of course, but he could also be a player on the table of life, to mark that point that represents the rescue. But it took a long to understand it …

He said:”It was not easy at the beginning, because my  disability was so big  and I had collateral problems. Then, I arrived in a German clinic where they made me see life from a different perspective; the focus was no longer ‘all that I could not do’ but just the opposite, ‘all the opportunities that I had’ and they were so many. ”

It Includes to play pool, his passion. If Tom Cruise and Paul Newman were the phenomena in “The Color of Money”, Luca becomes the protagonist of his personal film that gives color to existence. The green table , the green hope of a possible life .

They have prepared for him a special structure(created by him) in order to hold the shot, (not having the possibility to use his hands) and he starts to play against others, against all, everyone: he takes part in the championships for able-bodied, competing with incredible handicap not only due to his situation but due to tables’ structure, designed playing just standing.

It happens in these days another small miracle. An Italian company, Mbm , already a leader in this area so with no real economic interest in this project, it decided to devote his energies to a technological development ( thanks to the support of Paraplegic Association (Ap) Roma and Lazio). Daniele Stavolo, president of paraplegics in Rome and Lazio, said:”This innovative prototype is the result of a fruitful collaboration which saw the “Ap” starring in realization of a project in this sport.  Achieving this goal it will ensure to all fans equal access to this wonderful sport, and also the ability to  compete in the highest level competitions. ”

Dream comes true.The table with differentiated height thanks to a complicated mechanism of pistons is constructed, with a safety system to prevent the movement in lowering it could crush the legs of the disabled person who may possibly be remained under.  Luca said:”Finally we can compete on equal terms with able-bodied. ( who graduated master of art, won a scholarship for disabled painters today he teaches) He saied  with a smile: “we will see who will win….”.

Mariano Maggio, the Mbm pool table owner, said:”We are very pleased to have been selected and then chosen among many projects to participate in one of the most important events on innovation. This means that in our country are still ideas that could change the world.  We hope to see, as soon as possible, our pool table to the Paralympics”.

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