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The women and children rights and dignity, this time they were protected. Few days ago, in fact, the Council of Europe expressed itself clearly against the legalization of surrogacy.  Strasbourg, 83 no and 77 yes, rejected the controversial and dangerous  De Sutter report entitled:”Human rights and ethical issues related to surrogacy”. It was already rejected by the Social Affairs Committee of  Europe Council on March 15 and again on September 21.  The net “stop” to the cruel practice of the uterus for rent found of Catholics agree, but also feminists across Europe. It was a clear “no” to the exploitation of the needs of the poorest women, treated as incubators, and the commodification of children, considered as objects to be bought.

the Report was presented by Petra De Sutter, the Belgian senator,  gynecologist and director of a clinic in Ghent making of surrogacy its main business, in partnership with a facility in India that provides the “bearers” low cost.  To the Committee of Ministers of the EU Council, in a very clever and subtle way, she has not explicitly asked to approve surrogacy, but to introduce guidelines to protect the rights of children born with this practice! But if these guidelines were passed it would open the gate to a regulation and then to a uterus recognition for rent. The Belgian senator had also tried to make The report  more “digestible” favoring surrogacy “solidarity” and condemning the “commercial one” .

We try to explain better what is “the surrogate mother.” It is a practice that allows a couple – heterosexual or homosexual – to turn to specialized clinics in order to select an embryo that it will be implanted in the uterus of a woman, selected with specific criteria. The surrogate mother, bound by a contract and paid, she agrees to carry the child to term for the pair and then she will have to deliver the baby without being able to establish any link with the next creature that has carried in her womb for nine months.

It is impossible not to realize that we are facing a clear violation of human rights, those of women and children who can not even be breastfed by their biological mother. Another disturbing aspect is that a pregnant woman receives a fee only in case of good health of the child who is well regarded as a package, merchandise chosen to catalog and paid on delivery once inspected for “flaws and defects” . Not to mention, then, of so-called therapeutic abortions to suppress not perfect creatures, as if they were scraps of production, “nobody’s children” who will never come to light because even their parents have accepted them as they are …

The Pontifical Academy for Life, in 2004, stated that a child can not be considered “the same way as a ‘product’, which actually depends in large part on its ‘good quality’, a subject to be controlled  and accurately selected. Silvyane Agacinski, The French writer and philosopher, said: ” the biotechnology industry lobby exert tremendous pressure” as medically assisted procreation “is a big economic deal,” so “the agencies buy and sell eggs and sperm, but what is most lacking in their production chain is the availability of the female abdomen. So they turn to very delicate women, recruited on a large market that we can describe as neo-colonial. ”

In Italy, even if surrogacy is banned, foreign companies will promote it anyway.  To stop this traffic some associations – ProVita non-profit organization, AGE, Generation Want To Live, Family don’t touch, Article 26 Committee and New Compass Daily – have launched the petition #stop surrogate that it will be delivered to the Prime Minister, the Minister of Justice, the Presidents of the House and Senate, and the President of the Republic . “During a meeting with potential clients in Rome – we learn by the promoters – the representative of an American agency for surrogacy, said: ‘I’m here because I want to help you get what you want , a child, in the shortest time possible and at the most economical price. We want to have more customers in Italy … “.

The pro-life associations add that the authorities, and in particular judges, “they seem to be doing little to stop those agencies and their lucrative business”.  Precisely for this reason, among the objectives of the petition, it is to “ensure the correct application of criminal laws prohibiting surrogacy and marketing of gametes (Law 40/2004, art. 12, paragraph 6) to prevent and repress the work of foreign agencies, different organizations, professionals or other persons, that promote, realize, organize or advertise in any form the surrogate motherhood practices in Italy “. . It is also desirable “the adoption of an International Convention for the universal abolition of the practice of surrogacy motherhood.”

It is a first step to contain this repeated slap against the person dignity put in place by the utilitarian, mass culture prevailing who absolutely wants to impose its own models

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