A safe refuge

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In the multitude of emotions and stimuli that surround us, we can save ourselves, retreating in calm and constructive readings. Some took refuge in poetry (which, however, may prove turbulent) or in literature (but it does not look strong emotions too?).In alternative there are the spiritual texts, proven for centuries, verified by life, and mostly written with the heart. they bring us in a totally different dimension  than today. They have another narrative rhythm and thought, another expressivity scale, others Attraction volumes. They are like a walk in a forest after a week in a metropolis. Or relaxing in a pool after a day’s work. It takes determination and courage to dive in these readings. But the effect is always stronger than you think.

When you read one of these books everything seems easier. The thoughts flow well, we feel peaceful or able to orient ourselves. We gain a broader perspective of what we had before. We feel part of a pre-existing order.

This experience opens new doors. Life finds its way. We are more serene.
But all this, requires us, also challenges. After these readings is not easy to come back to reality. we feel it as superficial and miserable. It makes us feel dirty and tired. We wonder how it is possible to live in this banal contexts. We wonder how certain mechanisms can function.

Now, it would be easy to judge others, looking at them with superiority or condemnation attitude. But fortunately these readings saved us also from these deplorable temptations. A good book is like a shower that washes us from many fears, prejudices and resentments. It sends important messages: it seeks contemplation, it does not look the concern. You Do not be greedy, because you will always have the feeling that you missed something; listen to Solomon, the wise and learned moderation. Or: discretion is important, without it all the time devoted to the study became a source of shame and all the efforts seem useless.

Therefore, we do not despair, but we seek allies in spiritual books, many teachers who have already overcome many of the difficulties that we face.

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