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parrocchia madre teresa

A new church in the Jubilee of Mercy memory that Pope Francis will conclude on 20 November, after opening – for the first time in Christian history jubilees – last year in Africa in December. The church will add to the already rich Roman parish property as an architectural symbol of the Jubilee Mercy . It could only be dedicated to the Bergoglio Holy symbol of the Year for excellence, Mother Teresa of Calcutta, sanctified by Pope Francis on September 4 . A sacred building destined to repeat curiosity, interest and popular participation as a gathering of the neighborhood on the outskirts of the capital where soon will be opened, with the same expressive power of a similar religious complex built in memory of another great Jubilee event, the” Holy year of 2000 “, in memory of which the Church of Rome has built in Tor Tre Teste the famous churches of Three Sails consecrated to God the Merciful Father signed by the great American architect Richard Meier.

As the church of the famous superstars, also Mother Teresa church was conceived with highly modern architectural lines, but just as strongly linked to the liturgical tradition and to the missionary spirit of the new saint, the designer, Marco Petreschi architect, design and interior teacher in  Valle Giulia the historical faculty in Rome, has skillfully translated in external forms and the interior layout, respecting the colors dear to Mother Teresa, white and blue, Madonna colors. A church quite different from the Renaissance and Baroque images that always we admire in almost all corners of Rome, especially in the historic center with large and small churches and majesty of St. Peter’s Basilica in the Vatican, But also linked to the liturgical canons and respect of faith in the most pure tradition, through which the designer takes the visitor by the hand through the rigor and strength of modern architectural lines, essential, designed as ideal containers of internal and external shaped vestments and also enriched through stylized icons and sculptures designed by the school of one of the greatest masters of the twentieth century, Emilio Greek, staged under the artistic direction of father Marc Rupnik, a Jesuit, iconographer world famous for his sculptural works with aid of Vito La Rocca, Emilio Greek student.

So the  church as a Jubilee of Mercy symbol, the Mother Teresa church, strongly supported by Pope Francis, intended – as the Meier Church of the Great Jubilee of the year 2000 – to arouse internationally interest among the sacred art and modern architecture lovers,together with the many pilgrims who will visit it in the footsteps of Holy Mother Teresa of Calcutta.The new church dedicated to the Albanian Nobel Prize for peace nun – disappeared in 1997 and was beatified in 2003 by Pope John Paul II – is almost ready. External scaffolding have been removed and you can already see in all its grandeur. Marco Petreschi , architect designer, said: “towards that holy ascetic mystic who looked at Mother Teresa, and that the church is testified by the imposing size of a bell tower with three stone blades stylized on which it is set a large cross to symbolize the Christian faith, the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit “.

Located by the Vicariate in Ponte di Nona, Rome suburbs, the new church is the second work of Petreschi, one of the most famous Italian designers, author of the huge cross and the spectacular altar made at Tor Vergata for the Youth Jubilee in 2000 and, more recently, the Central Bank of Albania, in Tirana. The Church of Mother Teresa was intended by Pope Francis to become Holy Year 2015-2016 architectural memory right on the model of the Church of Three Sails Tor Tre Teste signed in 2000 by the American architect Richard Meier. architect Petreschi said:” lines, textures and colors “reflects the mystical and religious spirit of the Missionaries of Charity founder, both in form, the prism crushed down at the foot of the tower, and in the colors, the white travertine marble in memory of white saris worn by the saint. Decision of the Vicariate, to oversee the artistic responsibility of sacred and liturgical furnishings structures was called Father Rupnik, author of, among other things, the Chapel John Paul II in the Vatican and the well-known symbol of the Jubilee of Mercy.

“The sculptures in the church tell  in great synthesis aesthetic life and work of the Holy Mother Teresa – explains Father Rupnik – will be realized by the sculptor Vito La Rocca, a pupil of the master Emilio Greek at the Academy of Fine Arts in Naples.The church, for Monsignor Liberio Andreatta, secretary of the Diocesan Commission for new churches, “as it has been designed and shaped the work and the figure of Mother Teresa will be a living memory of the Jubilee of Mercy and religious landmark and social of all the district Ponte di Nona, as is the case in other neighborhoods each time you built a new parish “.

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