Sitting bull is back

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Sitting Bull in July 1881, after he has spent his life fighting the Blue Jackets that profaned the sacred hunting grounds, he handed his rifle to the commanding officer of Fort Buford in Montana, he wanted to explain to his young son that he had become friend with the “Americans”.

He was proud to have been the last of the Lakota chiefs to surrender. He asked to have the right to return to Canada when he wished and to could have his reserve near the Black Hills. He was instead sent to the Standing Rock Reserve and his arrival gave rise to a strong fear, he could inspire a new revolt, so it was decided to shut him to Fort Randall, near the Missouri River, for two years as a prisoner of war. At the end, in 1883, Sitting Bull rejoined his tribe, just to Standing Rock, marking the end of the Indian epopee.

Today after 130 years, his name echoes again as symbol of the Indian revolution. Since last April, in fact,  the  Sioux Standing Rock  reserves, they are protesting against the construction of an oil pipeline. The project could destroy 380 sites considered sacred by the local population and, in case of an accident, it could irreparably pollute the main river of the region.

A battle made of protests and official documents. A judge in Washington DC came out in legal action against the members of the Standing Rock Sioux reserve had submitted since claimed that the work for the Dapl, the Dakota Access Pipeline, were continued without the members of the tribe had been adequately consulted. A defeat that the “war” has not stopped.

In a joint declaration by the American army, the Department of Justice and the Interior Department (which deals with issues involving Native Americans), were announced however two important decisions: one decision was taken by the American military genius, the US Army Corps of Engineers, which has authorized the construction of the pipeline, to postpone the decision to drill on federal land, near or below the Missouri River, above the reserve of Standing Rock. The other decision was an important announcement, that the government would discuss with members of the tribe, on “how ensure the contribution of the tribe about the revisions and decisions on infrastructure and how to guarantee the protection of the lands and local resources and contractual rights “and if the new legislation should be implemented to achieve these goals.

An acknowledgment that the authorization for the Dapl does not respect the rights of the Standing Rock Sioux. The lands are part of the Standing Rock Indian Reserve and it is  sacred to the local Sioux tribe,that buries there its own dead. The pipeline excavations  could pollute aquifers vital to irrigate the fields and thus vital to the yribe survival. The Rosebud Sioux fear that, running under the Missouri River, their water resources may be in danger in case of accident, as it happened in Navajo and Ute, whose lands have been polluted a year ago by the dumping of toxic waste in the Animas River in Colorado, during a reclamation of a mine performed by the agency for environmental protection EPA (environmental protection Agency).

Indians and non-Indians from all parts of America and Canada converge to Standing Rock, where camps have sprung up to the protesters, to prevent the continuation of works. After many appeals from many quarters, President Obama has ordered the temporary suspension of the pipeline works on the reserve lands, but it seems that the corporation is continuing in his plans.

The same multinational company – say local sources – has sent groups of body-guard who attacked and injured many Indians with blinding gas and dogs attack.  The oil Corporation would enlisting mercenaries, thanks to a British company that provides skilled personnel to various governments across the world, particularly in Africa and the Middle East. The war continues …

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