Syria, a bell against the war

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A bell rings, the door is open, the classroom is filled with voices and laughter, the desks fill up. Desire to learn, to know, to understand how the world works. It’s normal for millions of children, born in the “right”place of the Earth. An extraordinary event for those who, even in the first years of life, has known just war and death. The miracle of an open school occurred in Manbij, Syria, one of the last cities taken away from ISIS. Here Caliphate militiamen have used civilians as human shields  to be able to get away and discourage raids of the international coalition. The siege, that lasted three months,it will remain imprinted forever in the memory of these children, as well as the period of occupation, including ferocious executions, repression of all freedom and all the atrocities which the Daesh has accustomed us since becoming the main international terrorist symbol.

Al Baghdadi men have closed hundreds of schools in Manbij and around the city, leaving about 78 thousand children without education. As for any regime the indoctrination is, an essential element. Younger generation education must take place within controlled limits, so as to avoid problems to the dictatorship. Based on ISIS education rules scientific topics in all scholl have been completely banned, in favor of the Islamic religion. A slap to the education right.

Two and a half years of terror today remembered only by propaganda written in black and white that still stand out on Bayram institute’s walls. During recess dozens of children, playing, do not seem to notice it any longer. The life that triumphs over the culture of death. Hope emerges in a region tormented by civil war, but free from fundamentalist oppression.

A teacher said: “For two and a half years it has been no school and, as you can see, some students have very little reminiscent of their letters name. Now, thank god, schools have reopened and we are trying to recover what students lost”.  Another teacher remembers the pain felt  seeing children who were trying to learn a profession or other children play in the street kicking balls because they had nothing to do and now these students have no education.

The city was liberated in August. Finally, the  first day of school came for the lucky ones. Ghefran said: “I’m really glad. We were waiting with excitement to start again the school”. Rana said:” I missed my classroom, when Daesh boys arrived, after two or three days I stopped studying”.

The hope is that the progressive withdrawal of ISIS in Syria, Iraq and Libya allowed thousands of children, still under the control of the Caliphate, to return to normal. In Mosul, Iraqi jihadist stronghold, has opened a real school reserved for orphans of fighters and foreign fighters. An act that serves to show to prospective martyrs a “good face”of the Daesh, But that hides propaganda purposes and enlistment. Students are taught military strategies with plastic weapons, between a game and the other.

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